5 Tips to buying the best tape for sealing packages

Many business persons often overlook the importance of high-quality sealing tape. However, you must never make a similar mistake as packing tape is essential in ensuring the product in the box gets to your customers safely and in proper condition. After knowing this, the next question you most likely are asking yourself is, which are some of the best tapes for bag sealing? 

If this is something you are struggling to find an answer to, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be taken through five variables to consider when shopping for sealing tape. 

Price and Convenience of the Sealing Tape 

Whereas you must not prioritize price and compromise on quality, it still is an essential factor that needs to be considered before buying a sealing tape. In your search, you should ideally strive to find a tape that offers you a perfect blend of quality and still cost-effective. By doing this, you can be sure that the sealing tape is of great value and safeguards customer’s products are free from damage. 

 Another factor you should also consider is the convenience of getting the tape for sealing your packages. It would be best if you did this by doing thorough research on how many days for your order to be delivered from the supplier. Moreover, ask whether the supplier delivers to your region to avoid any issue, which might affect your business’ smooth operations. 

Consider Environments Which Your Tape Gets Exposed 

Various environmental factors, for example, humidity, temperature, and many others affect your packaging tape. Therefore, you should first consider the transport and storage methods in place before decoding the type of tape to use. The reason why this is vital is that different types of tapes are affected differently to environmental factors. Consequently, this may impact your tape’s stickiness, thereby compromising your packaging’s integrity. 

If you fail to choose a suitable packaging tape, the products inside may be destroyed due to the environmental elements. As a result of this, your workers end up using additional time inside the warehouse, resealing the defective boxes, thereby reducing their efficiency. 

The Packaging Tape Width 

Tapes for sealing packages usually come either with a width of around 3 inches or 2 inches. If you want to guarantee the products inside the packaging do not get lost, the 3-inch packaging tape is ideal as it provides a better grip and strength compared to the 2-inch tape. The 2-inch tapes are an excellent choice when dealing with packages that are not too bulky and are cheaper compared to the 3-inch tape. 

Therefore, you must first assess the size of your package before choosing which packaging tape will best suit your needs. 

Consider The Adhesion Surface and Application Method 

The area where the sealing tape is applied is usually referred to as the adhesion surface. Different kinds of packaging tapes are used on various surfaces, with some materials being more sensitive than others. For instance, you should use a sturdier packaging tape like the water-activated tape on recycled packaging materials and not on standard boxes. 

Even while considering the adhesion surface, you should also not ignore the application method to be used. There are two methods of applying a sealing tape, the automated method and the manual process. The manual method involves the use of a hand-held dispenser, whereas the computerized process entails the use of an automatic case sealer. 

For the automated process, the priority should be easy unwinding to minimize the cases of the sealing tape breaking because of tearing and stretching during application. You should opt for tapes that provide immediate adhesion in surroundings where the cartons need to be instantly palletized. In contrast, the manual application method should be used if you want to have a robust film backing that prevents breaking and stretching. It is also ideal as it is easy to remove and ideal for persons working close to each other. 

Grade of The Tape 

The grade of the tape defines the amount of adhesive applied to the tape as well as the tape backing thickness. Thick tapes are of higher grade and contain plenty of adhesives, which guarantees maximum hold, thereby making it suitable for heavy-duty sealing. On the other hand, lower grade tapes are thinner and deliver a weaker grip that is ideal for sealing lightweight packages. You should thus make sure to choose a tape with suitable tensile strength and holding power to ensure the items in the package are safe. 

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