How To Choose The Best Chair Covers Within Your Budget

Everyone has a set budget for the chair cover to be used in an upcoming event. It becomes tough to come across the best protection, especially with so many manufacturing houses claiming to offer the best ones. But, it is mandatory to watch out for the best covers as some are way above your budget range. A comprehensive guide is shared here, which talks about the features and specifications to look for before you purchase a chair cover from any center. Once purchased, there is no looking back. So, make your decisions wisely.

  • Ways to choose a slipcover:

Also known as a slipcover, these covers for chairs serve two accordant purposes. It helps provide complete protection of tables and chairs from dirt and waste and will give new life to old furniture. There are some worthy features to look for to purchase the premium quality slipcovers now. It is time to explore all the essentials, which lead to the most excellent slipcovers.

Always aim to select the best color for your chair covers. Most of the basic options are available in different trendy and neutral colors, which can adapt to any design and style. Some of the best ones are light grey, dark gray, indigo, cream, white, and some more options.

  • Perfect measurement of the chairs is a must:

Don’t forget to measure your chairs before you can finally set hands on a cover for them. Dining chairs are subject to range widely in terms of size, mainly with the older sets. So prepare yourself to get the width and length of the back and seat of the chair. In case you are looking for tie-on covers, measure the space between outer spindles on the chair backs.

  • Now for the fabric:

Once you are done with the color and size measurements, it is time to set your eyes on the fabric. Choose an option, which is easy to care for. In case you have pets and small children around, be sure to pick the slipcovers, which are easier to remove and wash. Even stains form a significant part of the dinner table. So, make sure to choose a cover, which is not only durable but can resist from stain well.

  • Look for the stretch values:

The modernized covers for chairs come handy with the ultimate stretch value. If means you can easily stretch out the fabric without tearing it, to cover the entire chair in an efficient and fast way. Most of the time, there’s one size available to these covers, but you can also customize your one. The fabric here is elastic horizontally and woven with Jacquard. It offers the ultimate durability to covers. 

If you are trying to save some bucks, opt for the bulk order. Here, you can order for multiple covers at the same time, and get them delivered at wholesale rates. So, now you can save dollars and get the best covers for chairs and other furniture within your budget!

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