Moving is exciting and brings new expectations. Normally a move means a new job, beginning of life as a couple or that you are ready to leave your parents’ house. However, the task of moving is arduous and often involves a considerably high expense for our monetary account. Below are tips that you can take into account when carrying out your move and that will allow you to save money.

Don’t spend a lot of money on your move

• Determine the date of your move: Something vital at the time of move-in is to determine the month and the day you want to make the move since the moment you choose to move can produce a greater expense. In high seasons like summer, prices usually rise. If you have a flexible date to move, be sure to look for the best time and if there are dates that offer a discount, do not miss it. It’s good because it will allow you to organize with time, look for the best options and, especially, make the best decisions.

• Do you prefer the help of packers and movers in wakaddue to lack of time? Seeking the help of professionals sometimes represents the most expensive option, but it can also be beneficial, you just have to make sure you compare prices and more importantly, take into account the credit given to the companies you find. Check with friends, family or work colleagues who can give you any recommendations, and then look at online assessments. Leaving for the cheaper option can be more expensive if it turns out that you lose your belongings, so it is suggested to contract with companies that offer Civil Liability Insurance that covers any incident during the move.

Do not forget that these companies usually raise prices at the end of the month and on weekends; if you take this into account and make sure you do it during the low season and during the week, you can save your expenses.

• Now, another option you can consider is to hire a family member or friend to help you do it. You can pay them with another method, either in food or by returning the favor in something that can be useful or specialize.

Although a move made entirely by you would save you a lot of money, it can also generate stress and consume all your time, even more if you move too far from where you are or to another city. Depending on these two things you can make the best decision that favors you personally and financially.

• You can find an intermediate: Seek the help of friends and family who are willing to lend a hand in moving (packing, loading, etc …) and rent a truck that takes your belongings to the new house. So you find a midpoint in your expenses.

Having decided this, make your budget!

• Limit your expenses weeks before the move: When you have decided how and with whom you prefer to make the move, a great advantage is to restrict your daily budget. Find a way to reduce your expenses: list your priorities and the basic products you need. Do not spend on luxuries and avoid eating outside the house. Make lists at the time of shopping and thus do not buy impulse products that you do not really need.

Do not hurry; it is only for a few weeks so that you allow yourself to save enough. This efficient consumption practice will help you and, who knows, it could be consolidated in your routine. Either way, it will generate benefits to your economy.

• Don’t move with belongings that you no longer need and save money: If you are one of the people who have many assets, it is time to review your things and revalue. Think well if you need your collection of old movies or the extra bedside table … do you really wear all those clothes? And the shoes?

If you can’t sell what you want, you could make a donation; you will continue to win because you will help in a noble cause and save time and moving material, not to mention that, by reducing your things, you will not need a large truck for which you are charged more. And if you decide to make the move yourself, you also save because you make transporting fewer things.

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