Amazon Flex

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What is Amazon flex?

Amazon flex is a program based on App which allows you to be a delivery partner with Amazon in your local area. And here you can make any thing between $18 to $25 per hour for delivering packages. This is launched for those customers who are choosing a prime one-hour delivery option.  Being a delivery partner all you have to do is to pick up the packages from the local facility of Amazon and then deliver to the customers.

And the best part is you can schedule work according to your requirements. So it is completely flexible for those who can’t work for fixed timings. especially good for those who are looking some part time jobs.


Feasibility of Amazon Flex

As per the website currently, they are available in 30 cities in the U.S. And they keep adding new to the list. So if you are not finding your area in this list. Just join their waiting list and they will notify you once it is available. You need to supply the details like last name, first name, email address, Vehicle, zip code, type of cell phone and its number.

Following are the cities where it is currently available. 

Arlington (VA)    Cleveland           Milwaukee                               Raleigh
Atlanta                 Columbus           Minneapolis/St paul              Richmond
Austin                   Dallas                  Nashville                                 San Antonio
Baltimore             Denver               New Jersey                             Greater San Francisco
Boston                  Detroit                New York                                San Diego
Brooklyn              Houston             Orlando                                   Seattle
charlotte              Indianapolis      Philadelphia                            Spring Field
Chicago                Jacksonville      Phoneix                                    Tampa Bay
Cincinnati            Las Vegas          Pittsburgh                               Tucson
Manhattan          Miami                Portland                                    Virginia Beach


How does it work?

Schedule and Delivery

There are two ways of doing the delivery

  1. In Amazon, Flex App go to the calendar and select the delivery dates that you want to choose. now you will receive the leads of delivery blocks according to your selected calendar dates
  2. Check available blocks during the day and these offers are available to everyone. This information may release before 24 hours of the released time

How to do the pick of the orders which I need to deliver?

A. Prime Now Orders

  1. When you reach prime now delivery station, check out the posted sign and park your vehicle.
  2. Enter the station and swipe the tab ” I have arrived ” in APP.
  3. You can see your assigned route on Screen in station
  4. Now your app will show when the order is ready.  acknowledged and start scanning your orders
  5. Scan all your packages and then load in your vehicle

B. Orders

  1. Here you will be able to see the start location on hour before the block start time
  2. App navigation will guide you to reach the start location.
  3. Once you reached the station swipe “I have arrived” in your app. And follow the signs and cones to drive into the station.
  4. There an Amazon employee would meet you and will scan your arrival code.
  5. And from here you will be guided to your order location.

How to set up an Amazon Flex account?

When you are going to signup for Amazon flex account. You can use your existing Amazon account or you can create a new account. But only one Amazon flex account per person is allowed.

Since it is an App based program you need to have a cell phone and following are the requirements to meet the standards to download the app.

For Android.

  1. Android 4.4 or higher
  2. Ram should not be less than 2GB
  3. Camera with Flash
  4. GPS Location Services
  5. Sim Card


  1. IOS 8 Or Higher
  2. iPhone 5 or Newer


Visit their website  and click on get started after that you need to choose from the list of available cities. Then you also have to accept that you are at least 21 years old. Next, they will ask you do you have a mid sized sedan, such as 4 doors Honda civic or larger vehicle? The last option is to choose the type of phone. After completing these processes they will share the link to download the app. Please see the below screen shot for reference.


Amazon Flex

Credit to Amazon

How much can we make with Amazon Flex?

Being a delivery partner you can make from $18 to $25 per hour. They pay by delivery blocks and You can track your earnings through App. Payments are processed on Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit to that bank. Which you have provided during the account set up.

How we can make more with Amazon Flex App.

1. Use Large Vehicle

If you have SUV or Van then you can make more than average earning. Because this will help you to carry more packages with the longer route.

2. Earn more with peak times

During the peak times, you may get higher rates for same routes and packages. Amazon will inform you in advance. This situation mostly arises during the festival days.

3. Deliveries eligible for tips.

Customers are allowed to tip you when you ordering from prime now and Amazon Restaurants.


We can make full time as well part time income with Amazon flex. And it gives reasonable rates where we can earn up to $25 as a delivery partner. It also provides the facility to schedule the working hours according to the need. due to this flexibility there lots of Moms who are now partner with Amazon flex. All process from pick to deliver even the route navigation is done through App. So it is very convenient and easy to operate.  This can be a good opportunity for those who are in the business of goods delivery or looking a part time work for significant earnings.


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