21 Ways to get free money ! Companies that offering $4750 to their customers

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Our team is putting lots of efforts to bring best freebies for our readers. The quest for free stuff is still on and this time we will guide you how you can get free money from various sources. Do you know there are lots of companies who offer free money to their customer? And offering free money is just an alternative way of doing promotion and presenting themselves different from their competitors. This helps the company to boost their sales and creating brand awareness. As per the market experts, companies who engaged in activities like free giveaways, discounts, coupons, and deals create a better market place as compared those who promote traditionally.

Here we will discuss lots of company through which you can make free money.

Following are the companies who offer free money.

1. Swagbucks:- $5 Sign up bonus

Swagbucks is reward sites where you can earn money by doing some easy task daily. Like web searching, watching videos and taking surveys. They also offer $5 signup bonuses. This is the easiest way to earn free money where you get reward cash only for opening an account.  Check out our complete guide on how to make money with Swagbucks.

2. My Points:- $10 Sign up bonus

This is also a reward site where you can earn $10 for sign up bonus. You can also make additional $10 by making a purchase of any item. reward money is given as Amazon gift card. You can also refer our another article which will let you know how to get free gift cards and PayPal cash using Mypoints?

3. Inbox Dollars:- $5 Sign up bonus

Here you will get $5 for signup reward. And you can also make additional money by playing games and taking surveys.


4. Ipoll:- $5

Here you can make money by sharing reviews and opinion for the products. And the company also offers $5 bonus as a sign-up.

5. Reward Runner:- $5

Company shares deal related special offers and cash back on various items. But they also provide $5 sign up bonus.

6. Airbnb:-  $40 Free Accommodation

Get free $40 sign up bonus from Airbnb use this for future hotel and apartment bookings

7. Ebates:- $5 Sign up Bonus

Ebates gives you the opportunity to saves on almost all the items that we shop online. They have many online stores listed on their website. Through ebates you can get a substantial cash back on your purchase.  Apart from this company also offer $5 bonus after the sign-up.

8. Wells Fargo:- $200 Sign up bonus

Wells Fargo credit card offers $200 sign up bonus if you make the purchase of $1000 in first three months. Along with this you also get 1.5% cash rewards on your purchases. And there is no annual fee on this card.

9. Barclays Cash Forward Credit Card:- $200 Sign up Bonus

Barclays cash forward card offers $200 sing up bonus with a condition of $1000 purchase in 3 months. you will also eligible for 1.5% cash rewards on every purchase. And additional 5%  cash rewards redemption bonus. This card also has no annual fee.

10. Chase Ink Business Preferred:- $1000 towards travel reward

If you spend  $5000 in first 3 months from account opening you get $1000 towards travel rewards while redeeming through chase ultimate rewards. You can also earn 1 point per $1 on every purchase. Chase actually gives you 80,000 points which worth $1000 towards travel.

11. TD Cash Credit Card:- $150 Cash back

If you spend $500 within 3 months after opening the account you are eligible to get $150 cash back. 2% cash back on dining and 1% on all other purchases. And there is no annual fee on this card.

12. Bank of America Cash Rewards:- $150 Cash Rewards

You need to spend $500 in first 3 months to get $150. Along with this, you will get 1% cash back on every purchase, 2% at grocery and  3% on gas for first $2500. And there is no annual fee on this card

13. Blue cash by American Express:- $150 Cash back

In this card, you will get $150 if you spend $1000 in first 90 days. and you can also get 6% cash back at U.S supermarkets up to $360. And this card has no annual fee for the first year. After that, you have to pay $95 per month.

14. Flexible cash back Business Rewards:- $400 Cash back as statement credit

Earn $200 statement credits after spending $5000 within 6 months from the account opening. And earn additional $200 statement credit after $10000 additional purchases. There is no annual fee on this card.

15. CitiBank priority Account:- $500 Cash back

Open Citibank priority account and get $500 cash back. To qualify for cash back you need to deposit $50000 within 30 days and you also have to maintain for consecutive 60 days.

16. Capital One 360:- $400 Cash back

Capital One 360 has two accounts which offer $200 cash back each. Which means if you open both accounts you are eligible to get $400 bonus. $1000 minimum deposit is required for each account. Please refer the link for more details.

17. KeyBank:- $400 Cash back

Open a qualify checking account by 09/15/2017 and make a deposit of $500 or more within 60 days after opening the account.

18. Citizen Bank College Saver account:- $1000 Bonus

To qualify for $1000 cash back bonus the first condition is that you child must be less than 12 years old. You will receive $1000 when your child turns to 18. Click the above link for more details.

19. Uber:- $15 off ride

Create an account with Uber and get $15 off on your first ride. This is a one-time bonus for the new customer.

20. Ibotta:- $10 Cash Back

Ibotta is an app which is used to scan receipt for offers and deals performed by other stores. Here you will get sing up bonus of $10.

21. Sofi:- $100 Cash Back

Sofi is a finance company who offers student and home loan. And they also provide sign up bonus of $100. Currently, under a special scheme, they are offering $200 as a welcome bonus.



Companies offer free money under promotions and these are the great opportunities to make free money.  Most of these are providing free money only on sign up and some have a condition like on credit cards and bank accounts. Where we need to make some fixed purchases in a stipulated time frame or need to maintain average balance.  And if we are using any of the given product or services. We can redeem these opportunities under cash back.




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