Are you a Responsible Entrepreneur? These Three Traits will tell you

Although for most people, the ideal would be to own their own business, the truth is that in practice, not all entrepreneurs can turn an idea into a profitable business.

However, here are some common characteristics shared by those successful and responsible entrepreneurs.

A good entrepreneur like Sheldon Barris and others must always keep in mind the cost-opportunity relationship. That is, the time he spends doing something he does not control perfectly is the time he does not spend doing things he knows how to do very well. And the entrepreneur’s time, although sometimes it costs him to count it, is worth money. In these cases, it is always suggested to consider: How much is my work hour worth? How much time will I spend doing this job that I don’t master? How much money does it cost me to delegate this job to a professional? In most cases, when an entrepreneur asks himself these questions, he realizes that it is worth delegating many jobs.

Also, an entrepreneur must know how to limit his work hours and disconnect to remain productive and creative. A prior seems somewhat insignificant can be the most complicated task that every entrepreneur has to perform. Since the entrepreneur who dedicates himself in body and soul to his business on many occasions will lose track of time and be absorbed by his project. Therefore, a good entrepreneur must know their limits and know how to self-censor.

Here we leave you the 3 most relevant traits that the most successful entrepreneurs have:


Motivation is a plus that helps us to move forward. And when we talk about the business that motivation can make the difference between a successful business and one that is not. Therefore, a characteristic that every entrepreneur must have is the ability to stay and stay motivated even under the most adverse circumstances. But also, you must be able to motivate all those who are part of the venture. Since when you are motivated, you stay positive, and it is easier to convey that motivation and that positivism to everyone around you. Besides improving the work environment, productivity, customer mood, etc. 


An entrepreneur must have full confidence in himself. But not only does it involve trusting in what you think, in what you do, in what you say, in what you believe, in how you act. It also implies having confidence in the people around you, and that implies trusting so much in the rest of the workers, in the suppliers, in the clients. Obviously, it is not necessary to sin of trusting. Still, the truth is that the distrust is a bad enemy of the entrepreneur and is one of the main limiting mental barriers with which many entrepreneurs have to deal in your day to day life.


We start from the base that there is nothing perfect and that we will never become perfect. However, one of the best virtues that an entrepreneur can have is to want to be and want to do things a little better every day. Therefore, it is good that the entrepreneur, apart from the sense of self-criticism, has a touch of self-perfection. Since it will help him set new goals and new challenges for his entrepreneurship that will help his company improve and grow.

Some entrepreneurs like Toronto based Sheldon Barris Lawyer and others have some features more marked than others, but all have, at least, these features in common.

However, these are just some of the common characteristics that entrepreneurs have since there are as many traits as types of people.

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