Earn money with cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins

If you are considering making money with cryptocurrencies. It is important that before you find out some of the particularities of the main cryptocurrencies that are in the market. Thus getting to find one or those that may be more interesting when investing.

Bitcoin is mainly popular cryptocurrency because it was a turning point in the way in which the global economy is understood, making available to all an alternative with which to be able to from investing in managing their own finances.

Learn to earn money with bitcoin 

  • The best method to get bitcoins is by registering in a changer or Exchange, the place through which we will be able to make an adequate investment both when buying. When selling the currencies, we already have.
  • Of course, it is very important to take into account the commissions and details related to the Exchange of currencies. Since it is essential that, if we move with small amounts, we consider the expenses well, or else we can make a sale or purchase that really. It doesn’t suit us as much as it should.
  • Basically, this is the best system through which we can invest in bitcoins with the maximum guarantees. But remember that, although bitcoin is a currency that tends to rise, it also has moments in which it gives steep drops, so we must be pending at all times to buy down and sell higher.

Earn money with ethereum, the fashion of the altcoins

On the other hand, we also have ethereum, another alternative that has only been in the market for three years. It is characterized by following a different mining system that would pass from the PoW or Proof of Work to the PoS or Proof of Participation.

Of course, when buying ethereum or even selling the currency. We must do it through a trusted platform that helps us obtain maximum profitability with low commissions and proper management in real-time. So that we can learn how to invest ethereum practically and to reduce the risk as much as possible.

How to mine ethereum there?

Ethereum is a currency that, although it is not profitable to mine through CPU, it is with our graphics card. Therefore, if you have an unused PC with a graph, you can mine this cryptocurrency easily and easily. It doesn’t matter if you are Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, or Fedora, through the Minergate software, it will be very easy to get Ethereum.

Where to buy Ethereum?

Here are a lot of alternatives to buy Ethereum due to its high popularity. They can be obtained both on a page dedicated to selling Ethers, as well as in the typical exchanges such as Kraken or Bittrex. One of the best alternatives (at least in Spain) is the Coinbase website.

Earn money with bitcoin cash, the new alternative to bitcoin

Continuing with another cryptocurrency that is also very present today. We turn to bitcoin cash, which basically would be considered as an improvement of bitcoin that has just appeared recently in mid-2017.

It should be noted that a currency has raised an important controversy. So both platforms support it and others that have preferred not to do so or even stay out for the moment waiting to see the next results.

This currency came into circulation at the beginning of August, which appeared with the same amount that users had. That means that if someone had 1 Bitcoin, then 1 Bitcoin Cash was added to their wallet, which has a totally different value.

  • You can buy Bitcoin Cash through an exchanger like Bittrex.
  • Bitcoin Cash may be more profitable to undermine than the main cryptocurrency (BTC), so it is a highlight. However, there is still less information about the mining of this cryptocurrency.

Earn money with Ripple, coin backed by the world’s leading banks

The Ripple is another recent cryptocurrency that is based on the same principle as the rest, offering an alternative system to manage its own capital.

This is a project that is based on free software, and that develops a different credit system that seeks decentralization and, therefore, achieves greater freedom in any type of management.

  • The currency can be purchased through Exchangers.
  • It is not possible to undermine Ripple.

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