Do you want to protect the pipes from getting frozen during biting cold season? Then, you must buy the heating cables. If you are into a plumbing business or other business, you must purchase these cables in bulk. The first and foremost thing you must do is to look for the suppliers who are credible and reliable to supply sturdy and durable heating cable in bulk. The demand for these cables is increasing at a rapid pace. You must buy the heating cables only from reliable suppliers to make it last longer.

The heating cable is also known as heat trace cable or the heat tape used for pipes in the industries. It is used in different applications such as pipe heat tracing, freeze protection, temperature process maintenance, roof, and gutter, etc. The heating cables would self regulate the temperature based on the surface temperature. These cables are coated with a metal sheath to offer highly durable and withstand all atmospheric conditions.

Few of the applications of heat tracing cable or heatline cables include:

Freeze protection

The freeze protection of the heating cables will not let the fluids freeze in the pipes such as process water, drain water, and fire water lines. There are high chances of the pipes to get frozen. It happens even in the areas where there would be no drop in temperature. The self-regulated heating cables are made of polymer and carbon black. The self-regulating behavior in the heating cables will help you save energy. The power output would be adjusted based on ambient conditions. The self-regulating nature of the pipe would help you to maintain a uniform temperature in the pipe.

Maintain process temperature

There is a requirement for you to control the viscosity of oils, acids, and fertilizers when they hit the high temperature. When you have to maintain a high temperature, the heat loss would be high. You must choose the cable that meets the requirements of the temperature and offers you the power output.

Here are the five best and cheap heating cable suppliers who are available in Canada

3M Canada

We are the durable and best heating cable suppliers supplying quality cables to diverse industries in Canada. No matter whatsoever may be the cold outside; you no more have to worry about the frozen pipes, slippery walkways. We offer you the best quality heat tracing cables. You can heat the cable when required instead of wasting energy heating the whole cable. Our heat tracing cables are energy efficient and would heat the cables throughout its length uniformly. We use state-of-the-art, carbon polymer materials technology to produce heating cables. Our cables are self-regulated that it will automatically adjust to the output of the heat with the response to the air temperature in every inch of the cable length. We set up the cables at economical prices.


We are the best suppliers for residential and commercial grade heating cables. We have a wide range of heating cable products that are sold in bulk at affordable prices. Our cables are energy efficient. It is more economical to set up. We supply the cables that do not need any kind of annual maintenance and supply clean heat without any kind of liquid pump. You can install the heating cables in basements, condominiums, cottages, garages, and other places.


We are supplying world-class heating cables to customers globally. Heating cables are our critical components. A fluoropolymer jacket insulates the heating cables we sell, and it can resist the temperature up to 300 degrees centigrade. The cables supplied by us offer high flexibility, resistance to chemical, durable, and possess high electric strength. Our high resistance heating cables are insulated with glass fiber and quartz fiber to withstand the temperature up to 800 degrees centigrade. Our heating cables are used for hazardous and non-hazardous applications.


We are the reputed suppliers who are supplying highly durable heating cables at affordable prices. We sell self-regulating heating cables to high-temperature constant wattage cables to frozen protection heating cables. No matter whatsoever may be the application; we have the right heating cable for you.

Daltco electric supply solutions

We supply the heating cables made of super quality to different suppliers in Canada at affordable prices.

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