Bitcoin infected with Coronavirus

This information is provided by Bitvavo, a trading platform.

Trading in the face of a pandemic? If you’ve been waiting for a bearish market for a good buy in- there’s no time like the present. Or is there? Amidst concerns over the global pandemic commonly known as Coronavirus, economies everywhere are slowly slowing to a trickle as communities all over the globe are being told to stay indoors.

But, is the worst yet to come? During uncertain times, it’s easy to fall prey to the ever-present FOMO, but some suggest waiting it out a bit longer could mean valuable futures ahead. However, as governments rally to attempt and staunch the arterial bleed and keep the bear run from becoming a full-blown market crash, others contend that market turn around is just around the corner.

Cryptocurrencies have seen their fair share of historic slumps and rallies, so for many crypto traders, a bear market is nothing to panic about. Which lends some credence to certain speculations that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, could be the newly emerging safe-haven asset. However, few experts are willing to make any solid predictions of valuation at this time.

What’s not so difficult to speculate on is the effect that the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the official name of the disease, is having on so many facets of everyday life. Supermarkets are picked bare of essential items, with non-essentials quickly seeing their own bare shelves. Medical equipment and staff are found to be in woefully short supply in numerous countries, and many people are ill-equipped to comply with new quarantine and social distancing measures.

So if you’re curious about how you may be spending some new-found downtime in the face of school and work closures, learning trade markets may just be for you. Many speculative crypto tokens and coins are cheap and accessible, while at the same time requiring a fair bit of focus to learn.

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