Charter speed test ! A free tool to check internet speed


Charter Speed Test

Whether you want to stream movie or want to download any TV shows or software high speed internet is the primary source for this. And in last couple of years consumption of internet has increases a lot. There is a huge migration of activities from physical to virtual space such as buying goods and services, storing data on cloud, sharing and transferring data, streaming movies, TV shows and many other task which used to be part of physical world has now available online.  And all these activities needs high internet speed which we rarely get. So how to check what is the actual speed of our internet? Are we really getting the optimum speed which is being committed by our service providers. There are few websites through which you can check your internet speed like Verizon speed test or Charter speed test.

These websites allow you to check your internet speed at free of cost.  You don’t need any account registration or signup. Simply visit their official website and supply the required details.


Company’s General Information

Charter speed test which was officially known as charter communication nationwide is now also known as spectrum speed test. It is also an internet service provider which allow checking the internet speed at free of cost with the highest accuracy.

80% of the company use OOKLA technology to gauge the internet speed and its accuracy. Which is also the source for charter speed test. OOKLA is one of the leading internet speed testers in the world. Which is considered best to test the internet speed.

How to check your internet speed with the charter speed test.

Checking speed with the charter speed test is very simple and you can get the result with a click of a mouse.

  1. Visit their official site  and the home page you will see options.
  2. Click on the tab of begin test which is in the center of the page. Now the site will start analyzing the speed.
  3. The whole process will take around 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. When the test is complete you will see the results in three segments. Latency with upload and download bandwidth.
  5. Latency test tells how much time taken by the traverse packet data. Showing data on the graph is a unique feature of this tool. Which is not available with most of the service providers.
  6. Download test gives you the information of downloading speed of file, video and multimedia message. While upload speed tells you how much it took to send data from your device to another location.

How accurate the data provided by charter speed test.?

Charter speed test provides the highest accuracy but still, it is less as compare to and The reason because these are non ISP hosted. Which does not consume any additional data while processing your request. However, if you are using chart speed internet and checking the speed with the charter server, in this case, you will get the best accuracy. But in case of other service providers, it won’t be as close as you can get with non ISP hosted.

And to check and internet speed there are lots of other factors involved including servers, routers, and devices which can affect your speed. So getting 100% accurate data is almost impossible but you can refer which is more close.

Can a non-charter customer use Charter speed test?

Charter speed test is free across the globe and anyone can use to check the speed. There are many internet service providers which only allow their network customers to check the speed but this limitation is not with a charter speed test.

However, we have already discussed that charter is more accurate to their own network and results might not be accurate for others. But you can surely check your speed with free of cost.

Benefits of using Charter Speed Test

  1. We can check interest speed with the highest accuracy with no charge.
  2. Charter speed results are based on OOKLA technology which is one of the leading internet testing company across the globe.
  3. Not only network but out of network customers can also use this platform to check their internet speed.
  4. If you are using charter speed test as your service provider. Then you will get results with the highest accuracy.
  5. Site navigation is so simple that whole process takes only a couple of minutes. And you can do all this without a sign-up.
  6. It represents the data in the graph as well which is an additional feature and not available with most of the other speed testing provider.


Charter speed test is the best free tool to check internet speed of your service provider. And it is even best when you are using charter as your service provider. In case of others, results may not be as accurate as with the same provider. If you are using other service providers we would recommend using non ISP hosted which does not consume the data while processing the request. Another best feature is that they provide a graphical representation of your results along with downloading and uploading speed.


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