Verizon speed test ! Free tool to check your internet speed


Verizon Speed Test

Whether you want to stream movies & TV shows or you want to download games and software. A high-speed internet is worth if you are getting committed speed as per your pricing plan. But how to validate that the speed we are getting is up to the mark. Well if Verizon Fios is your internet service provider then Verizon speed test is best to check your internet speed. If you are using any other service provider then this website might not provide you accurate results.

Most of the service providers are not providing committed speed so it is important to cross check your internet speed before paying your bills.

How to check speed with Verizon speed test?

Checking speed with Verizon is very simple you don’t need any signup you can get the result with a click of a mouse.

1.  Visit their official site  homepage.

2. Now click on the red button and your test will start.

3. The entire process will take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete the test.

4. Make sure that your system should be flash enable else it won’t show you the results.

5. The final test would show you the details of both download and upload bandwidth of your internet.

The accuracy of Verizon speed test

For the highest accuracy you should be a Verizon Fios customer else it won’t be a fruitful tool for you. And still, if you are looking most accurate data then we would recommend going to or These are non-flash and non ISP hosted. Which does not consume any data while processing your test.

Checking an internet speed is a complex process which consists of many factors including routers, devices, and servers. So getting 100% accuracy is almost impossible but you can refer above sites for better results.

How does Verizon speed test work?

Most of the internet speed test providers use the OOKLA Technology which is the most trusted and reliable source to validate your internet speed.OOKLA is a leading internet speed testing provider across the globe. And Verizon also uses the same platform to check their internet speed.

Verizon speed test uses the closest server hosted on Verizon to test the speed. And that’s why it gives high accuracy results to its customers.

Benefits of using Verizon Speed test

  1. Verizon provides free internet speed testing to its customer with the highest accuracy.
  2. OOKLA technology is their base which is the most trusted and renowned speed testing company in the world.
  3. Out of network provider can also use this tool for testing speed. But it is recommended to Verizon customer only for highest accuracy
  4. If you are Network customers then is tool will give you the closest result of your internet speed.
  5. The website is well designed and no signup required and you can get the results with a click of a button.


At the present time, it is really important to check the internet speed because most of the time a consumer is not getting the committed speed by its provider.  And there are some of the best free websites who are providing best results of your internet speed Verizon is also one of them which uses OOkla technology to provide you the best results and if your service provider is also Verizon then it could provide you most accurate speed of your internet. And if you are not a Verizon customer then you might have to compromise with your results. In such cases, we would recommend you to use and non ISP hosted the website for your test.

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