Essential Things To Consider When Building Properties In Melbourne

Building property


Do you plan on building a property in Melbourne, Australia? Then you’re making an excellent choice. Why? For one, this is a friendly city that houses almost 4 million people. It earned the title “The most livable city in the world” by the publishers of “The Economist” magazine.


Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, a SouthEastern state in Australia. The Aboriginal People are the first ones to live here. It was founded in 1835, and it boomed in after the historic Gold Rush in the 1850s. By 1900s,  Melbourne grew thanks to the Australian government’s new Immigration Policy. Nowadays, this city is adapting to technological advancement that many predict that it will soon surpass Sydney as Australia’s biggest city.


When it comes to building a property in Melbourne, what are the things you need to consider?

Find A Good Location


Building location

It is vital to check if the place where you want your property will be is safe, accessible and allows the kind of building you want to develop. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a location for your new home, your office or any other business structure. You’ll want a place that is safe, and an area where you can have utilities installed easily, and has a stable ground.

Customize A Plan

Planning is essential for every project to succeed, which makes it vital to create a plan that can cater to your needs. Are you going to pay in cash, or will you need to get a loan from the bank? Are you going to rent or buy the property? Are you the one who will design the building, or will you hire someone to do it for you? What do you want your building to look like? Are you going to build from scratch or will you reconstruct an existing structure?

Make Up Your Mind

Building a property is no joke, and it can take months or even years depending on the project. You already have a plan, but make sure to have a plan B, C and D. Also, don’t change your mind once everything is all set up. You may have new ideas after meeting with the crew, but make sure to polish everything and to make up your mind before starting the project. This way you won’t be wasting efforts, time and money.

Ask, Consult and Hire Professionals

If you want to be successful, make sure you explore your options and to consult an architect and engineer regarding your building’s design. This way, you’d be sure to follow specific requirements you need to abide in building the structure.  They would do all the hard work like making plans, applying for permits and making the demands for you. Also, you can ask for a contractor they can recommend.

Communicate And Don’t Assume

Once you have your architect, engineer and contractors ready, maintain proper communication and communicate on everything related to the project. If miscommunication happens, something can go wrong in the planning, designing, choosing of materials and construction. Be specific, tell them your expectations, and don’t assume, especially when it comes to the materials used and design. It would be best to draw what you want your dream building is, or better yet, have it in 3D rendering.

Consider A 3D Architectural Rendering

3D Rendering is the creation of a 3D version of your building to have a better visual representation of what a building can look like in real life. This way, you can study the design of your future building before giving the signal and have it built. For existing properties in Melbourne, one can use 3D Rendering to stage and visualize the proposed plan. It gives you the advantage of seeing the before and after of your building, as well as how the new propose materials can look like in real life.

Calculate Costs


building cost

One of the first things you need to consider would be to determine how much the cost and expenses would be and how do you plan on budgeting your money. When building a property, one would need a location, building plan, professionals that will make your structure, permits, insurances, etcetera. Each of the items mentioned costs money, so you’ll have to check how much money you’ll need for the project. Your estimator or builder should be able to give you a detailed calculation of the costs.

Create A Budget And Set More Than Necessary

Budget more than the expected costs once you have an idea of your expenses. There will be cases wherein unexpected expenses could arise in the future. It’s better to be ready than sorry.

Grab Your Permits

Every building needs a license, so make sure you have all your requirements ready to gain your building permit before construction. Your plans should comply with the technical specifications for the development and design set by the NCC or National Construction Code. Fail to acquire a permit, and you will have to pay for a fine worth thousands of dollars. Once you get your permit, you should start with the construction of the building within 12 months after the issued date. You should finish building the structure within 24 months after receiving the building permit.

Buy Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is a kind of premium that provides cover in cases of accidents, risks, and damages. By buying a Public Liability Insurance, can help cover the costs when it comes to damages caused on other people’s property and injuries caused to the public. You’ll have less to worry about knowing you have a company to lean on during such unfortunate events.


Now that you know the essential things you need to consider when building a property in Melbourne Australia, you can start planning and then plan some more. It won’t hurt to have multiple backups, do a little bit of research, then research some more. Make sure to ask for recommendations and to check their credentials and ratings to make sure you only hire the best in their field. Keep the list in mind, and you’d be able to make the best decisions in time.

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