Playing at Wizard Slots is all about chance and luck. Slot machines are completely random, and no one can predict or manipulate the outcome of each spin. There is no strategy or technique that can guarantee you a win. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to beat online slots and win large sums of money.

Choose slots with high RTP

Checking RTP value of the games is one of the most important things to think of when trying to beat online slots. The Return to Player value is the percentage of wagers that a slot game will return to the player in the long run, often over more than a million plays. Most slots have an RTP between 92-97% but you can also find some slots with RTP over 98%.

The best strategy to beat online slots is to always choose slot machines with an RTP of 96% or above. The higher the payback percentage, the higher your chance of winning.

Use free spins

You can get additional free when you sign up to a casino as a welcome bonus, or when you trigger an extra round in the game. No matter how you get them, if you are offered free spins you should always use them. The more spins you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Extra rounds with free spins are an interesting feature offered by many online slots, but not all of them. If you are looking for a game to play you could research which games feature it as that can help you win. If free spins are offered to you as a welcome bonus, you should always check the conditions that come with the offer. Often you might need to make a deposit of your real money before you can use the additional spins.

Stop when in profit

Playing slots can be very entertaining and it is easy to get overly excited when we get a win, even a small one. Many people want to continue betting after they win thinking they might get lucky again. While there is such possibility, there is also a big risk that you will lose everything you have won so far. Once you have more than you did when you started the game you should be satisfied and finish the game for the night.

This way you will beat the slots each time. Even if the win is very small, it all adds up and after securing a few of those little wins you will save up a nice sum.

Is it easy to beat online slots?

You should always play slots mainly for enjoyment and not focus on winning money too much. Realistically there is no way of knowing what to do to win but if you follow the tips discussed here your odds of beating slots will be much higher. The thing with slots is that anyone can get lucky, no matter their level of experience. Do not feel discouraged if you don’t win right away. Keep playing and after a while winning at slots will seem much easier.

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