Mobile Slots vs classic Desktop Slots

Traditionally people who enjoy online gambling would access slots on their computers. As technology has evolved, however, more and more people gave up their computers and started using mobile phones or tablets to play your favourite games today. You might be wondering if mobile slots are better than classic desktop slots. Below you can find a comparison of the two types.

Are mobile slots and desktop slots different?

When mobile slots were first introduced, mobile devices weren’t as advanced as they are now, so the quality of slot games was noticeably lower. Nowadays, smartphones are almost as complex as computers, so in fact there are more similarities than differences and here you can find an overview of them:

• You can access games in browser without having to install any software.

• Both mobile slots and desktop slots offer the same bonuses and promotions.

• You can find thousands of different slot titles available on both mobiles and desktops.

• Game speed and time needed to load the game are the same if you’ve got good internet connection on your phone.

Disadvantages of mobile slots

Mobile slots are basically the same as traditional desktop slots, but they also give players the comfort of playing wherever they are. You might think, therefore, that they beat desktop slots. Before you make up your mind, however, you should have a look at cons of using them.

• If the signal where you are is not strong enough, the network might struggle with loading slots. Sometimes it can also disconnect you from the game during playtime and you might miss out on important parts of the game. When you play desktop slots at home, Wi-Fi is more reliable than mobile data.

• Because of all the special effects and requiring Internet connection mobile slots drain battery in just a few hours. You have to always have a charger with you. If you forget to bring it your playtime might be cut short unexpectedly.

• When you play mobile slots, the game is displayed on a relatively small screen. Even though modern mobile devices offer great resolution, it’s always easier to follow the game on a bigger desktop screen.

Are mobile or desktop slots better?

Mobile slots have the advantage of being more portable and giving players a chance to easily access slot games even when they’re not home. Apart from that, however, desktop slots are a good competitor.

The most complex video slots with 3D graphics and fun animations might look better on desktops. Some of the new slot games, however, are actually designed for smaller devices. They might include for example touch sensitivity technology, which makes playing them more entertaining on mobile phones or tablets rather than computers.Mobile slots and desktop slots perform similarly in terms of speed, slot game selection, and availability of bonuses. That said, it’s all about your personal preferences as a player.

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