16 Best free cloud storage ! Access your data online from Anywhere

Free cloud Storage


Cloud storage is an awesome technology which allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime with any device through internet. It also solves our major problem of carrying the data in portable hard drives & USB. And the risk of losing the data is also very low because the third party is responsible and usually they maintain the back of all the data. So you must be thinking with these many facilities cloud storage must be a chargeable service. Yes, it comes with paid packages but free cloud storage is also available. We would take you to the entire list of free cloud storage services so that you can choose the best according to your need.

Before choosing a cloud storage please read their guidelines and policy as some companies don’t keep the backup of your data and legally you can’t claim if you lose. Because they already mentioned this in their policy, terms, and condition.

Following are the best free cloud storage options available for us.

1. Amazon Cloud Storage

If you are a prime member of Amazon you will get unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB for Videos and other files. Whereas in digital storage plan you will get 5GB storage to store files, photos, and videos. They also have paid packages where you can get large storage like $11.99/year you can get 100 GB. And in $59.99/year you get 1TB space on their cloud storage. Being a prime member storing photos won’t be count in your storage.

2. Icloud

Apple provides 5gb free cloud storage to their members. It’s not like Amazon where anyone takes the advantage of free storage. you should have an Apple device to access your free storage. If you are looking high storage with Icloud that option is also available but there you have to pay a monthly charge. In $0.99/month you will get 50GB storage, In $2.99/month you will receive 200GB  Which you can share up to six members of your family. The highest storage they provide is up to 2TB where you have to pay $9.99/month.

3. Google Drive

A widely known free storage device which almost 80% of the Gmail subscribers are using. If you are using Gmail you will find the option of google drive on the top right of your email account. It provides you up to 15GB free cloud storage. And for higher storage, you can move on to their paid subscription in $1.99/month you will get 100 GB storage whereas in $9.99 you will get 1TB/month. They count google photos and images in free storage but excluded in paid subscriptions.

4.  Hubic

Hubic is quite famous for their cheap commercial plans but it also provides 25 GB free storage space. It was developed by OVH group a French company specialized in data hosting. it is the second largest web hosting provider in the world. Their paid subscriptions are also quite popular because they are cheap as compared to other prevailing plans in the market. In 10 Euros you will get 100GB yearly whereas in 50 Euros you will get massive storage of 10 TB yearly.

5. Mega

Mega is highly beneficial who are looking free storage as they provide 50 GB as free space to their cloud. You can also take 4TB for in $9 per month. They don’t store your password so you need to keep a secondary backup once you lose the data you can’t claim it.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is also the key player in cloud storage they are providing 5GB of free cloud storage. In paid subscription, you will find 50GB storage in $1.99/month and 5TB storage in $99.99/year. These are for personal and home usages you can also choose their cheap business plans. Which is quite competitive with other cloud storage services.

7. Jump Share 

Jum share is not only in cloud storage but also provide services like screen sharing and capturing the screenshot. Here you will get 2GB free storage and or 1TB in $99 per year. They also have some additional features including real-time sharing, file tracking, advanced controls, custom branding, military-grade security and organize everything in one place. It also supports more than 100 apps which makes it more convenient for you to access your data. Just signup and claim your free cloud storage.

8. Yandex Disk

Yandex is a Russian search who are also in free cloud storage business. they provide 10gb free storage. In paid services, they offer additional 10gb for $1 per month whereas 2 months are free so in a year you will pay only $10. Same way you have to pay $10 for 100 Gb and $100 for 1TB yearly. so there are slightly cheaper than Amazon and Microsoft.

9 pCloud

It is a Switzerland based company and they are in cloud storage business since 2013. They have more than 6 million active users across the globe. pCloud offers 20GB free storage with signup and provides unbreakable security to stored data. Their referral programs provide you additional 10GB and if you are looking more space then you can opt 500 GB with  $4.99 per month and 2TB in $95.88 per year.

10. Sync.com

You will get 5GB free cloud storage for more storage you can choose their pro personal plan for $8 per month and you will get 2TB secure storage. And in the pro-business plan for $5 per month, you will get 1TB storage. Their paid subscription comes with advanced features like Per user per folder access control, user permission such as read-only, remote wipe, no file size limits, deleted file recovery, transfer account ownership and

Their paid subscription comes with advanced features like Per user per folder access control, user permission such as read-only, remote wipe, no file size limits, deleted file recovery, transfer account ownership and 99.9% uptime SLA.

11. Syncplicity

Syncplicity gives 10 GB free cloud storage with their personal plan. However, there are two more plans which come with advanced features and more storage. And the best part about them they provide free trials for 30 days in paid packages as well.

In the business plan, you have to pay $60 per year where you will get 300GB storage plus 5GB per user storage and minimum 3 users. whereas in enterprise edition you need to contact them personally.

12. Dropbox 

You will get 2GB Free storage and they have four paid plans starting from $8.25 per month where you will get 1TB space. In $12.50 per month, you will get 2TB other plans has unlimited spaces with advanced features.

13. Idrive

Idrive claim to protect the data from Ransomware and provide 5GB free data with Signup. In case your data is infected with encryption based ransomware. All you need to just select the timeline before the infection and restore that. You can also take advantage of their referral programs where you can earn up to 25% on paid signups. You can also join their bulk referral program where you buy bulk space and then convert this into multiple sub-accounts and resell at your price.

14. Box

The box will get you 10gb free cloud storage with 250MB file upload limit. It supports almost all devices ios, android, blackberry and windows phone. It has a smooth interface with great features including upload multiple pictures and video files from a mobile device. download the entire file as a zip folder. Two-factor authentication can also be set up.

15. Flipdrive

With the Flipdrive, you will get 10Gb free data with basic features. For higher storage starting plan will give you 25GB with $5 per month. And their pro plan offers 100 GB with $10 per month whereas business plan will give you 250 GB with $20 per month. However you can choose any plan for 15 days free trial.  It provides some great features like share & Collaborates, global access, online storage, and secure online backup.

16. HiDrive

It is a Germany based company whose headquarters is located in Berlin. HiDrive gives you 5GB free cloud storage with the signup for higher storage you can choose their paid subscriptions. Their first paid plan offer 100GB in 5.8 euros per month. And their second plan provides 500GB in 12.52 euros per month.















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