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Free email accounts

Today we have many options of fast communication like WhatsApp, Skype, Social media platforms, internet call and many others. But still, email is the most prominent part of business communication.  Be it sending a document, informing your counterpart (CC, BCC) and keeping the conversation as written proof email still plays a vital role in professional communication. We can use free email accounts only for personal purpose until we are not crossing their specified limit. If you have a business where you need to send thousands of emails to the customers and clients from a single account then free email won’t work for you. Then you need to look some commercial email toolkit like Getresponse, Aweber, Convert kit, and MailChimp. Or you can choose paid subscription offered by Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Zoho and by many other email service provider.

After Gmail, many companies came forward and started offering free emails to the customers but the only handful of them could meet the customer requirements. So this article will help you to choose best free email accounts.

Following are the list of Best Free email accounts.

1. Gmail

It is one of the most popular email service provided by Google. And has almost same important features that you will find with any paid email subscription. Here you get 15 GB of storage to send you files, attachments, and emails to your friends and family. And you can always manage to storage by deleting unsolicited emails from your account.

Apart from this you also get some additional features like Google drive to share heavy data and files, Google+ to connect with Gmail community, google calendar helps to manage your scheduled emails, events reminder, video calls and creating an appointment. The same email accounts you can use to access youtube and play store. So this could be your first choice if you are searching for a free email account. I am using this from last 8 years and my experience is outstanding with Gmail.

2. Yahoo Mail

Another best free email account we can create with Yahoo. Yahoo was launched in the year 1997 seven years before launching Gmail. And they have made lots of improvements in their service. Currently, they are offering 1000 GB storage in their free account.

Yahoo emails include services like yahoo groups, yahoo search engine, yahoo answers and yahoo messenger. As soon as you login in yahoo email you will get recent news update which is a unique feature and you won’t find with any free email service provider.

It takes care of your privacy and provides secure platforms to exchange data and conversation with your friends, family or any other third party.

3. AOL Mail

This one is also top rated free email tool which you can use. Here you will get unlimited storage whereas for email attachment it is up to 25 MB. Here will get additional domain as compared to other email service provider. Usually, in the free account you get providers domain and if you want to use your own domain then you need to choose the paid subscription.

But In you will get some additional domain. like @love.com, @ygm.com, Games.com, and wow.com. The biggest limitation it has that you can’t import contacts from social media accounts.

It also provides spam filtration of low, medium and high. However, AOL  recommends to keep it on medium else you might miss some important emails. If it is high then email need very low spam score in order to reach your inbox. And it’s very difficult for a normal email to meet that standard.

4. Zoho Mail

It is specially designed for the business account but they also provide a free personal email account. They have a smooth and clean interface with no advertisement. They have features including task, notes, calendar and 5GB of storage which is quite low as compared to other providers. You also won’t find any video calling option.

With a free lite plan, you can register only one domain and they don’t scan your email for marketing purposes.

5. Outlook Mail

Outlook is provided by Microsoft as free email account to the users. It provides one stop solution where you can integrate social media accounts and other email accounts at one place. You can add other email accounts in outlook with a click of a mouse. This feature makes it more powerful as free email service provider.

you will get 7GB of storage with one drive and it also supports IMAP. Which means you can set up your email with smartphones and tablets. It does not prove feature of video calling. Since it is a free email you will encounter lots of advertisement hovering over your email.

Email forwarding feature is not available in this which is a major drawback. Because nowadays this is considered one of the important features of any email.

6. GMX 

GMX is new in the market and not much popular among the existing free email accounts providers. But we have incorporated in our list because it has some good feature and smooth navigation.

It has all basic features which you are currently getting in any other free email accounts. And the most popular feature they have the integration with Facebook where you can pull the contact details. But it has certain limitations like it only pulls email addresses no contact and other details can be pulled.

They use SSL secure connection which gives full security and privacy. Along with this, you get unlimited storage with your free account.

7. Hushmail

For the security point of view, Hushmail is the most popular free email accounts. it scans your all emails for viruses and also provides you the feature of blacklisted to secure your account. They don’t display any ads in the box which is rare with free email accounts.

It allows the third party to access the account with POP3 support feature. Which means you can access your email from any smartphone or IOS and Android device using your email App.

8. Inbox.com 

Inbox.com is also a great tool to access free email but also has some limitations. Like social media integration is not possible in this which is a common feature that we expect from any email provider. But it has good navigation and interface.

It comes with levels of spam protection from none to exclusive whereas exclusive allows the only whitelist of email to enter in your inbox. You can also block HTML images as protection filter.

9. Yandex Mail

Yandex is a Russian search engine like google who provides Yandex mail as a free email account. It provides unlimited email storage, after signup you get 10GB storage inbox space which gets increased by 1 Gb once total space is left less than 200 MB.

One of the best features I like about Yandex email is that they allow 30MB as an attachment. In case if the size gets exceeds they automatically upload the file on cloud disk. And recipient receives a link through which file can be downloaded anywhere.

Yandex comes with full protection with inbuilt antivirus software, Dr web. which scans your all emails to protect from virus threat. And they don’t’ display promotion ad.

10. Proton Mail

Proton offers free end to end full encryption to the email. You can send password protected emails to the recipient with set emails to expire. It offers 500 Mb to free email user whereas paid one can get up to 20 GB.

It does not offer POP and IMAP so you can’t collect emails from other accounts. Proton neither collects your personal information nor it saves your IP address. So here you can easily create an anonymous account without any difficulty.


Icloud free email service is provided by apple where you can get 5GB free storage. And it is compatible with MAC, IOS, and windows. You can access the email both from web and IMAP. New account registration is only possible with IOS and OSX.

It is not accessible through POP and you won’t see any add while using their panel. And it also does not support to access other email accounts.

12. Gmx email

Gmx has more than 13 million customers across the globe and has some advanced features. It has powerful antivirus and spam filters which protect your account from hacking and phishing. it also provides feature of webmail through which you can access email from anywhere with any system.

They also provide email app on the go with GMX and you can also access multiple email accounts with their webmail feature.

13. Rediff Mail

Rediff is an Indian news, information, entertainment, and shopping web portal founded in 1996 also provide free email service with 1GB storage and 10MB as an attachment. Accessible only through the web and here you will experience lots of advertisement.


We are using emails but we are not aware of their unique features and their optimum utilization. This list is created to help you to understand that there are many free email providers available with different storage capacity and with many additional features. So according to your need, you can choose the best free email account for your personal use.


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