5 Best websites to download free Halloween Clip art

Halloween clip art

Halloween is a traditional celebration observed every year on 31st October across some countries. Halloween is quite exciting event loved by children as well as persons of any age! It is the day of dressing up like horrifying devils, demons, witches or angels. Children enjoy this event to their fullest as they dress up representing angels or devils and move door-to-door asking cakes, sweets or chocolates. The traditional celebration of Halloween gets deeply associated with Christianity. The night of Halloween is a mischievous night when people play pranks with each other.

Make this Halloween a memorable one for everyone with your wishes! Sharing wishes and an invitation for Halloween is not a matter to get worried nowadays! Send wishes and invitation for Halloween via messaging apps. On this article, you will get the best sources to collect Halloween Clip Art. Explore different sources and receive the best clip arts and images for Halloween.

You can also explore some other amazing clip art which you can use for many other decoration projects. Such as  turkey clip art, Heart clip art, Valentine clip art, Pumpkin Clip Art, Flower clip art, fall clip art, Star clip art and sun clip art. So rather searching on web click on any of these links and get your desired clip art. Because with most of the website either you will end with a string attached. Or the quality of clip art is not worth to download.

The distinguished websites to collect clip arts for Halloween even

1. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is the best site to collect clip arts for Halloween wishes and invitation. You can download scary, funny and weird Halloween clip art. Visit the website and scroll down the page! You will get more than 3000 creative Halloween images. You can collect pictures of Halloween costume, cat, spider, skull, skeleton, house, monster, characters, mummy and much more.

This website stocks images of Halloween sweets, candy, cakes, etc. Scroll down the pictures and click on the image of your interest. View the image at its highest resolution and download it. Share it with your family, friends, and relatives. Vecteezy offers a free download, and you can also search for some more exciting and creative Halloween clip art in its premium section.

2. Hellas Multimedia

Visit Hellas Multimedia and collect the most impressive Halloween clip art. And you will get a menu option to browse your choice. Jack-o-lanterns- Pumpkins, haunted houses, and lightning, skeletons and skulls, bats-cats-witches-spider, ghosts, signs, and greetings are the specifications in the menu chart that would make your search easier. Select from the menu and take a tour of the collections. You will get confused to select the best as almost every clipart is impressive.

The graphics and designs of the clip arts are attractive. You will love to download many of those clip arts. The images are available in PNG, JPEG and GIF file format. These images are completely free to download. Share with your friends and all other wishing them a scary and funny Halloween!

3. Clipart library

If you don’t get condemned with the clip arts from above two portals, take a look at the collection of Halloween images at clipart library. The portal restricts using its images for commercial purposes, but you can download these images and use for personal sharing or for sharing on social networks.

You can also use the images on your website wishing your visitors ‘Happy Halloween’! There are limited clip arts for Halloween on this website but are quite creative and impressive. Download the images of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, spiders, etc. and share it with your friends.

4. Halloweenclipart.com

Halloweenclipart.com is a good source to collect clip arts and images for Halloween.  You will find numerous of clip arts and images with distinct graphics. But there are few restrictions on using the images. Each of the images has specific terms of usage. Go through the terms-of-use and download it as appropriate. You can get several animated clip arts for Halloween with unique concept and graphics.

Scroll down the page and take a look at the collection. Click on the image and after reading the terms of use download it. Share the image with your friends and others in your contact list.

5. Classroom Clipart

Classroom Clipart is a good source to collect different Halloween images and clip arts. It offers a wide collection of impressive graphics images for Halloween events and wishes. Visit the portal and take a look at the collection. You will love it!

This is one of my favorite website for clip art. Because of few key factors like their collection is unique, quality is far better than many other websites, and the site is designed so well that you can easily browse your desired clip art.



Impressive images and clip arts with motions are trending options to share wishes on different messaging apps. Visit the best websites in the virtual market and collect the best clip arts for Halloween and share those with everyone!

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