5 Best websites to download free Labor day clip art

If you are planning some decoration projects this labor day then we would recommend exploring these fantastic free labor clip art. That would definitely add some grace to your decoration projects whether it is invitation letter, home decoration or any other online projects like e-mail, customize wallpapers & greetings cards.  These are available both in JPEG and PNG formats which you can use as per your requirements. Usually, PNGS are good for those projects where you have the different backgrounds and an want and image to paste into the existing background. On the other hand, JPEG is good where there are no different image backgrounds.

By using these clip art you can customize your own labor day image. Use any free tool like canva and give your project a beautiful look. If decoration projects are part of your daily routine then you can explore our huge collection clip arts. Which include turkey clip art, Heart clip art, Valentine clip art, Pumpkin Clip Art, Flower clip art, fall clip art, Star clip art, Graduation clip art, Owl clip art and sun clip art.

Here we are going to give you some of the best websites which will provide you free labor clip art. However, the sites are not limited to labor clip art you can also explore some other types of clip arts related to festivals, Holidays, events and much more.

Following are the best websites to download free labor day clip art

1. Clipart Library

We have recommended this site for many other types of clip art and this also has a good collection of labor day clip art. Their labor day collections include sun, flower, balloon, Mardi grass, mickey mouse, eagle, and many other types of clip art. Before downloading the image you can get the details of resolution, file size & format. Images are both available in PNG and JPEG.

Both download and print option is available. So in case if you want to take the physical print out you can do that. Along with this, you can also share the clip art through social media with your friends and family.

2. Clipart Panda

This is less popular but we really like their collection related to many different types of clip art. And the labor day clip art is also one of them. Mostly the logotypes clip art with US flags are some of My favorites. And they provide some important information with their clip art like number views, downloads, file type and resolution. this is a great way of finding the desired clip art. Most of their files are available in GIF format however some are available in PNG and JPEG as well.

They don’t have tons of free labor clip art you would hardly find somewhere 40 to 50. But I would definitely recommend to check them out because they these include some of the best free labor clip art.

3. Clipatrix

This site has a huge number of free labor clip art. And they have both unique and funny clip arts. Clipatrix does not host its own clip art but actually promote other websites on their platform. So here you will find clip art which is actually hosted by many other websites who are dealing with clip arts. Before downloading the image you can see details including the original source of the website.

4. All things clip art

This also not very popular famous website but have the really good quality of clip art. Their wide varieties of clip art including animals, babies, children, birds, cartoons, parties, flowers, hobbies, holidays, insects, reptiles, music, nature, people, religion, romance, sports and labor day clip art.

5. Clipartbarn

Clipartbarn has tons of free clip arts to dive in including labor day clip art. And the another best thing is that most of their images are in PNG format. Which is really important for the projects where you are customizing your own clip art. Our 98% projects need png images and it this website is the really good source for that.

And the site not only provides free labor but some other types of clip arts. Such as animal, building, food, greeting, holiday,  nautre, people, sports, transportation and other.


If you are in search of high quality free labor clip art then don’t forget to check the the above websites. These webistes are some of the best you can find over the internet. Not only labor clip art but you can explore tons of differen types of other clip art in multiple size and format.







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