5 Best websites to download free summer clip art

summer clip art

Summer days are not too far away! With the end of cold nights, summer days will approach. Everyone eagerly waits for the summer vacations and make exciting plans for the holidays. Well, if you have any such plans for the vacations, share your plans with some exciting ideas! You can invite your friends to join with you on your trip. Collect different summer clip art and add texts about your plan. Your plan would indeed sound exciting. It is your approach that will raise the interest of your friends.

In this article, we bring the best sites where you can collect best summer clip art as per your needs. Visit the websites and take a look at the collection. Download the images that impress you in the first glance. These websites have a group of different creative photos with the theme of summer days and vacation plan. You can also use the colorful images for other purposes as well!

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Following are the best websites to download the free summer clip art

1. Clipartix

Clipartix is one of the leading websites where you can obtain a variety of summer clip arts. Collect images of summer days, sun, swimming images, cartoon images, beach games, sea-beach, etc. The images on the website are available in JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats. The images get impressively designed with creative ideas of experts. Scroll on the images, take a look at the collection and select the most impressive one. You will get guided to a new page displaying full resolution. Right-click on the displayed image, move to ‘Save Image As.’ Select the storage destination to download the file.

2. Clip Art Library

Clip Art Library is a good source to collect a wide range of summer clip art with different designs and themes. This website restricts the use of the available clip arts for commercial purposes. Images of summer camp, entertaining summer, sun, fishing, sea-beach, beach games and much more can get collected from the website. Though there are limited numbers of images, these are quite impressive.

Simply visit the website and scroll to the webpage to take a tour of the collection. Select the alluring images and click on it. You will get directed to a new page displaying the full resolution of the image. Right-click on the large image and scroll down to ‘save image as’ to download the file. The images available on this website are in JPEG, GIF or PNG file format. You can use these images to share on your social media profile page or forward it to your friends through messenger apps letting them know about your plans for the summer.

3. Free Clipart Image

Free Clipart Image is one of the best sites to collect a wide range of summer clip art. You can use these images for varied purposes. Visit the website, and you will get around 90 alluring clip arts on the site. Scroll down the page and explore the collection. The clipart images get creatively designed with colorful patterns. Simply, click on the image you find impressive, and the image will expand to its highest resolution. Right-click on the image and select ‘Save Image As’ to download the image, selecting the storage destination!

You can use the images for sharing on social sites as well as on the messenger apps. Download the images free of cost and share your excitement for summer plans!

4. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is probably the leading website offering a wide range of free summer clip art. It features around 15094 free summer clip arts and 787 premium clip arts. Images of summer events, different elements used mainly during summer, sunny beach, beach games, sea surfing, summer landscape, seascape, summer relaxation, leisure time, etc. get featured in the free section.

Click on the image you find suitable, and you will get directed to a new page. You will get the description of the image. Right-click on the image and scroll down to ‘save image as.’ Select the destination folder and click on save. You can use the image as per your needs.

5.  Cliparting

Cliparting is another good website if you are looking free clip art. You can explore cartoon, food, music, nature, holiday, sport, symbol and many other types of free clip art. they also have around 70 to 80 unique summer clip art with JPEG format.



Summer vacations indeed are quite exciting! To make it memorable, you need to plan earlier. Collect the images and share your plan with an innovative approach! These are the best websites to collect most impressive summer clip art!

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