Cryptocurrencies and blockchain entered our life long ago, and today, the crypto industry is introducing more and more possibilities of how to implement crypto in the real sector. The same is happening in the gaming industry. Those who were ever engaged in gaming remember earning scores while playing games that motivated them to play. Now, with blockchain implementation, gamers are encouraged with real money in the form of NFTs or game tokens accrued to a player’s account after every new achievement. 

Since cryptocurrency prices are incredibly volatile, and they can rapidly boost with the increasing popularity of a blockchain game project, gamers receive many benefits and bright prospects to multiply their holdings earned in the game.

What is Gala Games Project?

Gala Games is a decentralised blockchain game platform offering many opportunities to generate income for its users. The platform’s participants not only can hold in-game items but also participate in voting on future changes in the Gala Games platform. That is a distributed voting mechanism, offering the platform’s users to pick and vote for the games they would like to add to the Gala Games ecosystem.

GALA is a native token of Gala Games. GALA cryptocurrency price is $0,04013 as of September 2022.

Let’s see how the token is used within the Gala Games ecosystem:

  • Token holders can use GALA for trading.
  • The platform’s users can become node operators; thus, they support the project and provide its security while receiving GALA tokens every day.

GALA Crypto Price Prediction

GALA crypto was engineered based on the Ethereum blockchain and is actively used by the platform’s participants. Analysts believe GALA crypto price will rise to $0,86 by the beginning of 2023. The optimistic forecast for 2024 claims $1,45. 

The decision whether to buy GALA or not depends on you. Before investing in crypto, investigate what the project is about, its benefits, and its prospects for the future.

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