All you need to know about HGTV Dream Home Sweeptakes

hgtv dream home

HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes is presented by Scribb networks annually. Which gives you chance to win a fully furnished dream home. Along with this, you would also get a cash prize and a car. Total sweepstakes are around 2 to 3 millions and this is running since 1997. Every year they select a location where a new home is built with all the luxury home decor which anyone would love to possess. The construction is telecast both on television and their official website.

Sweepstakes policies and prizes can be changed every year. Due to heavy taxes, HGTV dream home received lots of critics that they are offering home which is difficult to afford by an average person. So now they are also providing an option to take the cash prize instead of owning the house. Whatever the changes they make but their sweepstake worth is almost more than $2 million.


What would you get as a winner?

Anna Spangler winner of 2017 received $250,000 cash, a Honda Pilot SUV and $1.5 million worth of dream home in St Simon’s Island, Georgia. Which include four bathrooms, three bedrooms, front yard, dining room, kitchen, living room, Garage, master suite, home gym, guest suite, terrace suite, backyard and pool lounge.

The location of home changes every year you need to keep the eye on their announcement. Seattle, Washington is the new location for dream home 2018. Not only location but prizes can also be changed so what they are offering in the next sweepstakes is totally depend on the announcement.


Eligibility Criteria and how to participate?

All legal U.S resident which have completed 21 year age at the time of applying are eligible to participate in the contest. This can be done either through online or by mail. For online simply visit their official website and enter your email ID.  Or you can also mail your request to their physical address.

In order to know when the giveaways will start you need to wait for the announcement. Which you can also track from their official website.

How would you know that you have won the sweepstakes?

Winner announcement can be totally surprising because they usually approach your friends and family for help so that they can film your reaction. Selection of winner is completely a random process which they choose from the millions of entries.


HGTV is one of the most popular sweepstakes in the United States despite with lots of critics. It gives us a chance to win a 1.5 million worth of dream home which has all the luxurious items and home decor which we can only imagine. Apart from this you also get a cash prize and a car along with all the furnishing and artwork.  In some years they also offer you take the cash if you can’t afford the home due to high federal taxes.



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