In 170 Million people only one needs to be chosen and you know the secret.



If you play the lottery you must have asked this question many times what is the secret to winning the lottery game? or its all depend on all luck. Almost everyone thinks that winning the lottery is only about luck but the reality is it is more based on calculation rather than just luck. Richard Lustig a seven-time lottery winner who won more than 1 million dollars in the lottery.  Now claiming that he discovered a method through which you can also increase your chances to win the game.

Richard won his first lottery of $10,000 in 1992 and $8,42000 in 2002. He has been the guest speaker on many TV shows like Good morning America, replys believe it or not and Rachel Ray shows.  There are many small secrets which he had discussed on TV shows. Like never take your numbers through quick pick and try to get multiple tickets to increase the chances of winning.

Here are some of his best ways to play the lottery game.

1. Leave traditional method and try something unique

While picking the numbers make sure you don’t use the old method of choosing birthday, and anniversary date. Because it does not increases the chances of your odd. We should try to pick our own number and if possible go with bigger one. So this way we are going to cover the numbers of the whole track rather than confining yourself to a limited area.

2. Never Rely on system generated numbers (quick picks)

As per Richard if you think that system generated numbers give you an equal chance of winning the game then you are absolutely wrong. because certain sets of numbers are always better than other and if you go by the system then your game is limited. And in fact, your chances are less to win.

3. Secret method of number selection

He has not revealed this method in public but shared all the details in his book Lotto Dominator. In this book, he has also shared some of the winners who won the lottery by using this method. He recommends,  that this book is good for those who are serious lotto player.

4. Never put your hard earned money on stake.

A lottery is not an investment and there is no guarantee of winning the game. So it is necessary that you put only that money which you can afford to lose. People who are putting their hard earned money and taking loans to play the lottery will soon end up with debt only.

5.  Need to be consistent

If you are serious lottery player then you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to be consistent in the game. Because that what increases the chance of your winning.


If you are a serious player then trying Richard method can increase your winning chances. Playing a lottery is a controversial topic and most of the people will tell you not to try. But there is one group of the community which completely supports the lottery and few of them are making millions of dollars. Now people who are reading this article is in the middle of both. They want to play but they are not certain about it. So it is highly recommended does your analysis and then take the decision.



Despite people are making lots of money and there are proofs as well. Still, lots of experts recommend playing lottery can lead you to debts. And the game is more deceptive as it looks. Moneymakingway doesn’t recommend or encourage anyone to play the lottery. So it is completely on readers discretion to take the action. We are only sharing the knowledge based on people experiences.

If any minor is reading this article we would recommend taking your parent’s advice before taking any step. And please read our terms and policy regarding the content sharing.

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