How Equipment Rental Management Software Could Help Save You Money

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If you are in the business of renting out items, keeping track of this could be quite a challenging task.  Gone are the days where you are required to develop and maintain a number of excel sheets that supports you with these activities. In 2019, there are a lot of simpler and effective solutions out there.  Not only do these software solutions help track your equipment but they can track financial elements connected to this.

Here, we are going to look at how the latest equipment rental management software could save you some cash. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Rental Tracking

One of the key features of equipment rental management software such as market leader BasePlan is that it’s all real-time and gives you the correct information to show you exactly where things are and for how long. It will also give you the tracking details of when things are out and about and moving. The real-time element is key to ensuring accuracy in reporting. You will also find that if there are any specific quality issues or concerns, you have all the correct accurate information to hand immediately that will aid you in the investigation or enquiry.

Initial Quotes

Getting the initial quote correct can be the difference in getting a good sale and missing out. The software management system actually sits and aids this in terms of generating the quote based on the information that you have pre-loaded into the system.  It has the capability to be very specific in all areas and give a professional output to your customer. Once the quote is accepted this can all then be managed online from a financial point of view to ensure that details are all stored, monitored and are retrievable.

Longer Term Contracts

If you have long-term contracts with loyal customers, then this can be integrated into this software. Manage these via the ERP system and it will also give indications on renewals and flexible billing options.

Project Management

Project management is key, and the software system manages the lot for you. You can give this as much information as you need in terms of milestone dates, set reminders, action owners and financial inputs and outputs. It sounds too good to be true that all of this can be managed via a single system that is hassle-free and effective.

Overall Benefits

From the very start of a customer query, you can use this software right through to the completion of the contract and aftermath financials.  The software is developed so it can manage each step in the life cycle in a professional way.  From a customer point of view, it is extremely easy to use, and can it can be picked up easily.  If there is any doubt or help needed, then there is a lot available from the company (or you can use things such as the FAQ elements to see if it is covered here).

If you are interested in saving yourself or your company some cash, make sure to utilise equipment rental management software.

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