Whether you’re moving soon or plan on moving shortly, you’ll want to get ideas of how much moving companies cost. Knowing this ahead of time will come in handy. With that said, let’s talk about the top factors that play a role in how much moving companies charge:

1. Services

The services offered by the company will factor in what they cost. If you use a company that offers an array of services, then you will probably pay a bit more, but this is usually worth it. Companies that only offer a limited amount of services tend to charge less than the company that offers a full suite of services.

Also, the exact services you need are relevant. If you want packing services, moving services, and storage services, then you’ll probably pay more than if you only needed your belongings transported from one place to another. However, many moving companies have discounts to take advantage of, which means you can save money on specific services.

2. Property Size

The size of your property is important, and the area of space that the movers will be working in is too. For example, if you have a very large house and everything needs to be moved from it, then you’ll pay quite a bit. However, if you had a small office with only a single room, then you won’t pay as much as you would if you had a larger property with a lot of space.

Property type may factor into the price. Some moving companies charge more for moving commercial properties. However, some companies charge the same rates for both commercial and residential clients.

3. Belongings

What you need the movers to move will play a huge factor in price. If you have all sorts of items that the company will move, such as large pieces of furniture, tools in the garage, specialty items such as a piano, and things of that nature, then you’ll be charged quite a bit. If you only have a few pieces of belongings, then the company probably won’t cost much.

When you contact a moving company, they’ll ask you a few questions. Some of these questions will be in regards to what needs to be moved. Then they’ll let you know if they can handle such items or if you’re better off calling another company.

4. Distance

Companies often offer both short and long distance moves, but long distance moves tend to always cost more than short distances. This is because the company has to spend more gas on long distance moves, as well as more time on the move, and they have to put more miles on their vehicles. The good news about long distance moves is that some moving companies charge a flat rate, but you’ll still want to get movers quotes.

Also, if your move requires your items to go across state lines, then this can add to your overall cost. The same goes if you plan on moving across the country. Not all companies charge the same rates for interstate moves or long haul moves.

5. Area You Live In

Where you live might factor into the price. For example, if you live in a major city, then a moving company may charge a bit more, or they may cost less if there is a lot of competition in the area. Generally speaking, moving companies that operate in larger and more populated cities may cost a bit more than companies that serve smaller towns. This isn’t always the case, though, which is another reason why requesting a quote from multiple moving companies is a must.

6. Difficulty Of The Move

How difficult the move is may play the most significant role in movers quote. If you have many difficult and heavy items that need to be moved and your property is unique, such as featuring many narrow hallways and staircases, then you’ll probably pay a bit more. In general, a moving company will go to your property and evaluate the difficulty of the job before they give you a quote.

7. The Company Itself

Finally, the company itself will play a significant role because the more reputable a company is, the more they may charge. For example, if a moving company is a national company that has completed many moves and a lot of people know who they are, then they probably charge a lot. However, what they charge will likely be worth it because they have built up a reputation, and this means their customers trust them.

Also, the equipment they use can play a role in how much a company costs. If they use high quality and modern moving equipment, such as the latest tech in the moving industry, equipment that makes their job much easier and moving vehicles that are new, then they may charge more for their services. What you can do is read a few reviews of a moving company, as this will give you an idea if what they charge is worth it.

Those are only a few things that factor into how much moving companies charge their customers. The truth is it can be very cheap and only cost a few hundred dollars, or it can cost thousands if the move is difficult. All you have to do is get in touch with a moving company to get movers quotes. Then you can decide if you want to use that company, or not.

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