5 Creative Tips for Building an Online Photography Portfolio

Photogaphy portfolio

Getting your work out there is the first step towards success. Click here for 5 tips to help you create a great online photography portfolio.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s worth a lot more than that when you’re in the photography business. A quality portfolio does a lot more than just show off your art — it earns you more money in the long run.

Because this is your calling card for attracting new business, it’s important that you find the best way to make your online photography portfolio truly speak for you.

To get started, use the tips below.

  1. Pick the Right Template and Focus

Creating a photo collage is a lot easier when you choose the best platform and template to get your work out to the public.

Even the best photos in the world do you little good if you’re having trouble uploading them and arranging them properly. The best platform is one that is easy to use and seamless to organize.

In addition to choosing the best platform, make sure that the template fits what you’re trying to get across. A photographer that specializes in professional headshots will need a different template than a nature photography artist.

When you know your focus, it’s easier to choose the best platform and template, so you can speak to the public in a way that works.

  1. Incorporate Social Media Into Your Online Photography Portfolio

Make sure that you also make social media foundational to your online portfolio.

Today people are captivated by photography more than ever. Instagram alone has more than 1 billion active users each month.

When you can learn how to show off your work on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’ll be easier for your portfolio to truly get some shine.

  1. Showcase the Work You Are Most Proud Of 

You also need to use some discretion over which photos you decide to include in your portfolio.

Take the time to select the best work in order to get your point across to the public and draw in new business. Since you’re constantly evolving as an artist, make sure you can consistently upgrade your portfolio as well.

  1. Make the Portfolio SEO Friendly

It’s easier to get eyeballs on your portfolio when you use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage.

Take some time to learn the ropes of SEO and use descriptions, titles, and keywords the work. The more optimized your portfolio is, the easier it is for people to find you across the web.

  1. Use Storytelling to Your Advantage

The true point of your portfolio is to tell stories that create a connection.

When people like your photos, they’ll most likely get in touch. However, when they not only like your photos but also feel a strong connection and identify with you, it’s likely that you have a customer for life.

Be open and honest in your expression and continue finding new ways to story tell.

Create the Best Portfolio Possible

Having an online photography portfolio is useful for your business. Put these tips to use to watch your business thrive.

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