How To Save Money During 2020

2020 has been a strange year for many due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has therefore ensured that many have been put out of their comfort zone in many different ways. However, some have tried to change their lifestyles and attempted to use this time of uncertainty to save some money so that when we come out of this pandemic and are able to enjoy our lives again, we have some money in the bank to be able to do so.

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During lockdown, many consumers like ourselves had to find alternative forms of entertainment as our usual hobbies had to be cancelled due to not being able to social distance and therefore had to be halted until further noticed. This has therefore increased the use of online services such as online gambling sites, here you can find betting sites not on Gamstop. Due to this, these betting sites have to offer some of the best virtual markets on the web, and even with the reintroduction of live sport again, this trend isn’t due to slow down anytime soon.

When we were in height of the lockdown, many office workers like ourselves had to work from home and this was the first step towards starting to save money. Due to working from home, many could save money from commuting costs such as petrol and train fares as they didn’t need to travel to and from work as they were working remotely. Moreover, due to being in the house all the time, they were able to eat at home too without having to spend on lunch each day which saved a considerable amount of money.

In 2020, many have been tighter for money so looking into your outgoings and expenses and evaluating them has been another method in which consumers have used to save money. Do you really need three online movie and TV streaming services, or can you just use one? Should you cancel the gym membership that you aren’t actually using? Ideas like this are a great way to save money.

Our final tip to save money in 2020 would be to automate your savings so that as soon as you get paid, the money you want to save each money is automatically place that money into your saving ISA that you cannot access. This ensures that you are without this money until a rainy day as you can’t access it and is worth it when it comes to the end of the terms of the ISA.

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