How United Markets Capital Stays Ahead of the Competition

United markets capital

FXBrokerFeed announced the results of their March poll on the Best Dedicated Account Manager service for the forex market. The top spot went to United Markets Capital, which received 35 percent of all votes cast. Following in second and third places, respectively, were Oanda and eToro with 27 percent and 25 percent of all votes vast.

These are clearly the big three among forex services included in the poll. Plus500 came out with a respectable 13 percent, however, which might suggest that it’s a service worth your time. A service definitely worth your time, however, is United Markets Capital as it’s the global leader in trading technology and brings a really unique approach to the table.

United Markets Capital offers a competitive service, low fees, and a very broad product range for those willing to buy in to the service.

Broad Product Range

United Markets Capital trades literally thousands of CFDs, including: forex, forex pairs, commodities, indices, ETFs (i.e., exchange-traded funds), and cryptocurrencies (e.g., bitcoin). Clients who go with United Markets Capital can expect low commissions and raw market spreads. United Markets Capital also provides indices per 24-hour basis, and United Markets Capital is dedicated to providing clients with personalized plans.

The experienced brokers at United Markets Capital use leverage – an investment strategy aimed at using borrowed capital and diversified financial instruments – to enhance the returns of its clients. When done correctly, both investors and individual companies can vastly increase their returns by using leverage to increase the initial scope of their financial investments. Leverage can also boost the buying power that United Markets Capital exercises in today’s markets.

Personalization at United Markets Capital means crafting plans that address every client’s needs and aspirations.

Cutting-edge Technology

The track record for United Markets Capital suggests better chances for earning higher revenues thanks to cutting-edge technology. What’s the secret? Part of the secret at United Markets Technology are trend lines that recalibrate five minutes and SSL encryption on the app. All of the confluent platform components on UM Capital are SSL encrypted for enhanced security and greater peace of mind for clients.

The more responsive trend lines are to the price movement of a security, the more accurate leveraged buying based on that information can be. The payoff is higher returns and greater peace of mind driving sound financial investments.

Personalized Customer Experience

United Markets Capital puts a huge emphasis on personalizing every client interaction. The aim is delivering a truly personalized customer experience. To get there, brokers at United Markets Capital center their customer service approach around economic empowerment, workforce readiness, and financial empowerment.

Brokers at United Markets Capital are able to meet the needs of a growing and diverse clientele due to the fact that United Markets Capital’s brokers come from an eclectic range of backgrounds in the financial sector.

Philanthropic Giving Back

United Markets Capital has a deep commitment to its clients and an even deeper commitment to humanity writ large. Philanthropic efforts at United Markets Capital run deep such that United Markets Capital donates a share of every earning to humanitarian crises around the world. On top of that, United Markets Capital provides the tools for developing countries to find their voice via donations made by United Markets Capital to those burgeoning places which need economic stimulus most.

The head of operations at United Markets Capital, David Goldberg, says that philanthropy should be the cornerstone of every successful business in operation today. Social investments, as David Goldberg puts it, should bolster the living conditions of the next generation and better humanity in tangible ways.

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