What is a design system and why is it so important?

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There are many businesses looking to grow and expand so as to increase leads and generate more sales. Whatever the case may be, any successful business that wants to increase the same growth momentum requires the application of a design system. But what is a design system and what’s its use? Well, just as the name depicts, it’s basically a system that facilitates the normal functioning of your business. The system mainly includes a combination of digital products such as software, applications, and websites. These tools are essential for those working on interaction design, digital design, user experience, and front-end development. You can hire a UX design agency to help you with designing the system or go at it by yourself. The latter option could take longer than expected.

The Importance of a Design System

  1. The Future of the Business

Every business owner needs to have a well laid-out business plan that will act as a guideline through every milestone as well as every challenge that they may come across. All the same, a design system is meant to propel your business to meet the demands and achieve objectives from a digital perspective.

  1. Allows you to Cope with Changes in Designs

A design system allows you to update your application’s features in order to keep up with the trends. One of the biggest challenges that modern developers and UX designers face is design debt. This is whereby the system becomes obsolete and outdated as industry standards change to meet new obligations and adapt to new rules of operation. A design system tends to have a centralized model that facilitates regular updates.

  1. Helps you to Get Rid of Product Flaws

Before you embark on creating a design system, you have to assess the visual elements of your product. The UX design agency that will help you design the system will assist you to identify weakness areas in your application’s user interface. This allows you to do away with components that can hinder the customer experience. The system also helps the personnel to understand which interface features are loved by the market.

  1. Brings the Design Team Together

Before you launch a new application, you have to sit down with your team and come up with ideas. It could take longer than usual if every time you designed the product, you had to come with a new design. This is why it’s important to have a unified design system. When you have a standardized system that can be used as a reference point, it becomes easy for the development team and digital agency assisting you in the process to create new apps. In other words, they can create new apps faster and help you save on time. This also brings the design team together and allows them to work as a unit.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

Another advantage of having a design system is improved user experience. When you have a design system, you have an established model that can be used as a reference point for all your mobile application and desktop software launches. The digital agency that will help you design the system has to create it in such a way that it allows uniformity across all access platforms. In other words, it won’t matter whether your application is accessed through a smartphone or desktop, the appearance won’t change. This means that the customer will have a seamless experience using the application across all platforms.

  1. It Helps the Company Save Money

When a company doesn’t have a design system, it has to create a new UI component code every time there’s a new project. This means that developers will have to come up with new codes and communicate with the design department to make sure that the new code is compatible with the application’s interface. The continuous back and forth exchange of information can get so complex that the project takes longer than usual to launch. This means that the company will keep spending money without until the date of the delayed launch. As a result, the process can become quite expensive.


Design systems are there to help a business grow by facilitating the speedy creation and launch of a new application or software. This allows you to easily expand the business as the number of clientele and projects increases.

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