Now if you have an outstanding ticket for violating traffic rules. there is no need to visit the court you can do it right from your home through njmcdirect. we all know time is money and it is really important to get it utilized for something productive and njmcdirect saves both time and money. As we don’t need to wait in the long queues. It is an online payment portal to clear your fines. and the whole process takes only few minutes to complete.

What are the requirements to make payment through NJMCDirect ?


1. Traffic Ticket

Whenever you violate the traffic rule the officer must provide you the traffic ticket. which has court ID and ticket number and it also tells what type of violation was committed by you. So it is an important piece of information which you need in order to make the payment.

2. license plate number

This information is available on your driving license which is needed to identify from whom the ticket was charged.

3. Credit/Debit card

Since this is an online payment so you should have either the debit or credit card. Both master and visa cards are allowed.

4. Hours of operations

This website does not work whole day so you need to make sure that you make payments only in the given timings. Following times slots are available.

  1. From Monday to Thursday the site is available early morning 7:30 to 11:45 PM
  2. Where as on Friday it is available from 7:30 Am to 10:45 PM
  3. On saturday you can access from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM
  4. And on Sunday it is available from 1 PM to 11:45 PM

5. Laptop/pc/mobile and Internet

How to make the payment through NJMCDirect ?

  1. Visit the official site
  2. On the homepage you will the option to continue. After clicking on this option you will find the page which says search your traffic ticket or time payment order.
  3. Now fill the required details like court ID, Ticket prefix, ticket number and license plate number.
  4.  The next page would lead you to two options.

(A) View NJMCDirect Ticket

(B) Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment

5.  Now it is clear that we need to select the second option.

6.  Now make the payment by using your debit/credit card.

What are the benefits of making payments through NJMCDirect ?

1. Saves time and money

As i said time is money so if you are saving your time from standing in those long queues. You are saving your money too. And it takes only couple of minutes to complete the whole process.

2. Secure

The payments are made through their own portal so it’s perfect secure. Since it is an online transaction you can keep all the records in your transaction.

3.  Convenient

It is quite convenient as compare to visiting court and then standing in queue to wait for your turn. It is a simple process which you can perform in their working hours.

4. Nominal fee

The additional charges while making payment is $1 to $4 for any amount of ticket. Which is quite cheap and affordable.


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