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If you are a big fan of fast foods. Then you must know the popular restaurant which is none other than the Subway. This is a popular private fast-food brand which has several brands all over the world and this brand is well known for its outstanding and unique tasty fast foods.

When the thing comes to survey, every big brand arranges several customers’ survey to bring more improvisation on their service and the quality of the food. Survey report always helps the brand to grow their popularity as well as quality of service all over the world. “Tell Subway” is known as the customer survey of subway brand which offers a chance to win several gift cards and prizes for the customers to complete its survey. If you are one of them, who interested to participate in Tell Subway survey then here you will get all details information regarding this survey.

Tell subway customer survey is very simple to complete. And in this survey, you have given the genuine feedback of some basic questions regarding the subway service and their food items. You can get the participate link from the official site which is www.TellSubway.com.

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Details procedures and requirements of Tell Subway survey

You have to follow some basic rules before taking part in the Tell Subway survey. These are nothing but some basic steps like

  • You have to complete the survey within the 30 days from the visiting day of your Subway restaurant.
  • Make sure you have the subway purchase receipt with a validate code
  • You Must have a system with internet connection
  • Only two languages are allowed English or Spanish.
  • You must have a working and valid email id for further notifications and free cookie coupon code

Details process to take part on Tell Subway survey

1 First of all, you have to access the website www.TellSubway.com.

2. Then you have to enter the name of the restaurant which is printed on your recent visit receipt.

3. There you have to give some basic information regarding your last visits like date, time and transaction amount.

4. After filling up all these details you will get the survey page in front of your computer screen. Just answer those survey questions properly and try to give genuine feedback.

5. After completing the survey page you will get the genuine verification code. Just note down the free subway coupon code on your receipt and you can use that code on your next visit in any subway restaurant and can collect free delicious cookies.

Details about the Tell Subway survey prizes

After complete the survey, the winning participant will get the subway coupons and that coupon can be redeemed in all Subway restaurant in your locality. You can take a free chicken sandwich, free cookies and much more from these coupons.

You will get all the details information on the official website of this survey. The company will send all the required things via mail in your given Email Id.

So what are you waiting for grab this free gift survey of Subway and win several amazing fast foods from the subway? Just participate in the Tell Subway customer Survey and give you genuine feedback which will definitely help the brand to bring positive changes in their services and the quality of the foods.


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