Opinion Outpost ! A Survey Site to make Money


From the past 5 to 6 years making money from home has become easier. And it has many advantages which are difficult with regular jobs. The first benefit is that you get freedom of work which means no one is your boss and you can decide your own working hours. There are many ways through which you can make money from home like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, data entry jobs from home and Survey Sites.

Making money from survey sites could be the easiest and fastest way but this is certainly not quick scheme to become rich. However, this would definitely add some value to your earnings. There are many survey sites running over the internet but most of them either are fraud or you will end up getting disqualified. So in order to make your job easy, we are writing this article about a survey site Opinion Outpost which legit and good to make some extra income while sitting at home.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a survey site which pays to its member for sharing their opinion on surveys and it includes, product testing, mobile surveys, and online surveys. It is one of the leading market research company which is running from almost 8 years.  For every survey, you get some points which you can convert into a gift card and Cash. On the other hand, it also helps companies in their market research which eventually gives information about product development scope and what are their targeted customers.

How to join Opinion Outpost?

Joining process is easy and completely free all you need to do is to supply the details like first name, last name, email address, and country. After confirming the email your account will be active. you can earn your first 10 points right after creating the account.  Visit their website and create your account today.

Benefits of Joining Opinion Outpost

  1. Referral Program 

In Opinion Outpost, if you refer any friend you get $1 and if your referral completes its first survey then you get $4 additional. So in total, you get $5 per referral. And for survey site, it is considered a good amount.

2. Quarterly Prize Draw

Here you have a chance of winning $10,000 quarterly cash draw. If you disqualify in any survey you automatically get enrolled up with the quarterly draw. Every quarter they announce 4 winners of $10,000 each. So it is great chance to win such huge amount with a survey company.

3. Fast And Easy

Opinion Outpost is very fast as compared to any other survey sites after requesting gift card or Paypal cash it takes only a few minutes or hours to receive. This is the best features I like about Opinion Outpost.

4.  Plenty of Surveys

The biggest challenge with Most of the survey sites it that they have limited number of surveys, in fact, you won’t find surveys on daily basis. But here you will plenty of surveys to attempt. And this is also a positive sign for a company perspective as they have ample business coming in and simultaneously their members can make money.

5. Sweepstakes

At the end of surveys, they offer games which give you the opportunity to win points or additional sweepstakes entries.

How to Redeem the points?

  1. With minimum 50 points, you can start your withdrawal as Itune gift cards worth of $5.
  2. You can also get $5 worth of Amazon e Gift code with 50 points.
  3. For PayPal payment, you need at least 100 points which are equal to $10.
  4. And if you want you can also donate your money to charity.


Opinion Outpost is a legit company who provides surveys to their customers and in exchange of their opinion, they give some points which you can convert it into gift cards or PayPal cash. Every 10 points are equal to $1 and you will find ample amounts of surveys here. As we always recommend our readers never look survey sites as an opportunity for full-time income or become reach. You will be happy if you consider survey site as an additional source of income.



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