Complete Review of Project Free TV



Project Free TV is a website which provides free movies & Tv shows online. So if you love watching movies then this can be a good option to cut down expenses on your cable TV, buying DVDs and paid downloads. We have already shared an article related to best websites to watch free movies online. And there are many reasons due to which we have not included this website on that list. Which you will find after reading this article.

The website does not host any of the content that you are accessing. Whenever you click any of the links they will divert you to some other website. So actually they are using the third parties to host the content for their users.

Is Project Free TV is a Legit website?

The website claims that they don’t host the content and they are also not aware of where the content is coming from? All the links which we are finding on their website are coming from popular online hosting websites like Youtube, Veoh, Megavideo, and google videos. Where user signs an agreement before creating the account.

And in their disclaimer, they have clearly mentioned that they are not responsible for anything as the content is coming from outside and they don’t have control over the users which are managed by the third parties. The website does not charge anything but if you download data then they will install a software on your system.

So here they are manipulating themselves putting the third party in the front. So neither they are legal nor we can prove them illegal.

Is it safe watching on Project free Tv?

As long as you are streaming the website it is completely safe but we would recommend never download anything because that might affect your system. Since the site does not take responsibility for the content and we don’t know who is the third party so downloading anything may put your computer at risk.

And as per site policy, you could be an easy prey for hackers. If you want to use this website safely make sure never download and click on any advertisement.

Some of the Key features of Project Free Website.

  1. High chances of new movies and TV series which you won’t find on other websites. This is because the content is hosted by the third party and they may or may not follow the policy and guidelines.
  2. You can legally watch movies online despite the fact that no one knows they are actually legal or illegal.
  3. This is most search website on the internet for free movies. This means the site is providing better content and that’s why they have a high number of users.
  4. The quality of the videos and website navigation is also better.

Challenges that you may face with Project Free TV.

  1. If you click any of the advertising or download anything from this website then it may put your computer at risk.
  2. you may encounter some of the pirated and illegal content as the site is linked to third parties.
  3. Hackers easily can manipulate the site policy and can target users system.
  4. Even if you have a safe link to download there is a chance of risk because website installs a software in exchange for the download.
  5. This site has been shut down many times and they always come back. So you might find different or multiple links of this website.


Project free TV is a great website to watch free movies and TV shows online. But it is highly recommended not to download or click on an advertisement as it may damage your computer. And due¬†to it’s confusing policy hackers can also use this platform for hacking purpose. The site is completely safe if you use this only for streaming purpose.


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