How to make Money with Mysurvey? A Survey Website


Surveys are the quick and easiest way to make money online. Which does not require any specialized skills and experience? All you need is an internet connection and a signup account with a survey company. There are lots of online survey websites but you need to go only for the legit. Now how to find the legit survey websites? There are lots of genuine survey websites e.g Swagbucks, Mypoints, Opinion Outpost, Mysurvey, and Globaltestmarket are some of the renowned websites where you can genuinely make money.

The major problem with unknown survey websites is that they will delay in payments, most of the surveys that you attempt will end up being disqualified, very limited surveys, and low payments. But with best surveys websites you won’t face such issues. Mysurvey is also one the best survey site where you can easily make money in free time.

Company’s Background

Mysurvey is a part of lightspeed which is one of the leading market research company. That helps other companies to collect the data which eventually helps them to improve their services and product. Mysurvey collecting public opinion since 1946 as National Family Opinion and they launched a website ( in 2001 which provides platforms to consumers to express their opinion online.

Consumer opinion research includes antilock, airbags, cash, credit cards and child-proof safety caps are some of the few examples.

How to Join MySurvey?

There is no charge for joining the community and the process is also very simple. Visit their website and click on registration form where you need to enter all the necessary details. Like the First name, Last name, mailing address, DOB, Gender, qualification, household, and employment details.

Once all the details are entered you need to confirm your email and right after that, your account will be active.

Eligibility criteria

If you are a legal resident of united states age 16 or older is eligible to earn points with Mysurvey. But If you are under age of 18 then you must obtain the consent from your parents.

Those who are the employee of lightspeed or the members of their households are not eligible for this program.


How Does it work?

Mysurvey provides points against all the surveys that you attempt. And these points you can redeem for gift cards, vouchers, PayPal cash and much more. You need at least $10 for minimum payout. And average surveys pay you around $.40 to $1.2 per survey. The actual value depends on the content and length of the survey.

Average surveys take around 10 to 20 minutes and it gives you around 30 to 50 points per survey. Whereas longer surveys take around 30 to 40 minutes and there you get around 130 to 300 points. As per the current calculation, 1000 points are equal to $10. It is important to log in on the daily basis because more the time you will spend higher the chances of receiving surveys. If you are missing to attempt the received surveys it is likely that your account will start receiving fewer surveys ss they observe user activity.


How to redeem points?

You need at least 1000 points which are equal to $10 for redemption. And you can redeem these points for gift cards, PayPal cash, charity donation, and vouchers. They have more than 63 gift cards option including, some of the best like Amazon, Macy’s, and Bloomin. You can also take e-certificates and can purchase items from Amazon online.

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to process the payments. Till 2014 they awarded more than 32  million to their members.


Limitations of Mysurvey

  1. It offers only one member per household and if you create multiple they might forfeit your all the earned points.
  2. If your activity is less on their websites they will start delivering fewer surveys. So you need to ensure that you are a highly active member.
  3. You might face error message while attempting the surveys and this can affect your points which you have earned through the partial survey.
  4. Disqualification of surveys will lead you to be part of their sweepstakes draw. That is the only option available and most of the time user end up getting nothing.


Mysurvey is a legit survey website where you can make some extra cash in your free time. In order to increase your earning you can also go for multiple websites which we have mentioned. But we tried almost all website and none of them can actually give you a full-time income. So it is good if you keep this as a source of extra income only. The site is good in terms of survey frequency, availibility of redemption options and payment amount per survey.


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