Review of the Wunderbit Trading Platform

Today we would like to take a look at Wunderbit Trading, an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, created with the goal to provide its users with a smooth and seamless crypto trading experience. The platform has over 30,000 registered users with more than 500 million USD worth of assets being traded over a 30-day period. Wunderbit Trading is fit for all sorts of traders, regardless of their proficiency in the area, as it boasts a variety of unique and practical features.

Getting right into the features, one that stands out the most is copy-trading. Copy-trading basically consists of users following traders of their choice who provide trading signals, either based on their actions or through a trading bot, that are subsequently sent to their followers. The provider’s transaction will then be replicated on their followers’ accounts in real time. The providers themselves can be found on Wunderbit Trading’s Marketplace section, with the best performing traders being at the top of the charts. As you can see, copy-trading lets you have a very hands-off approach to crypto trading, which is especially beneficial for more novice traders.

Another important feature of this service is the ability to create TradingView bots. Wunderbit’s integration with TradingView, allows for the creation and bots using PineScript and further automation through Wunderbit Trading. It also provides users with the ability to write trading scripts that they can use to backtest their ideas and receive a thorough description of their results. After backtesting and tuning a bot, one may create a chart alert, which will notify the user of fulfilled strategy requirements and result in the script signaling to enter or exit a position. All of this is highly advantageous for seasoned traders, and, for those that are only getting into trading and find this confusing and too complex of a task, the platform offers various tutorials, both written and in video form, that guide you through the process.

Something else worth mentioning is the fairly extensive list of popular connected exchanges, the bigger ones being Binance, FTX and Kraken.

The online trading platform offers its services to its users free of charge. That being said, users can sign up for one of their various paid plans with an extensive comparison of the plans’ characteristics and differences. Wunderbit Trading’s main source of income, however, is the 1% price commission it receives every time traders make a crypto purchase.

The design of the site is certainly something that catches the eye, with a sleek, clean and  easy-to-use UI. The navigation around the platform is very intuitive and you’re highly likely to find what you’re looking for in a matter of a few clicks. This, coupled with the large number of tutorials and step by step guides that allow you to get acquainted with all of the site’s features and aspects, make it more than fit for those that simply want to to try their hand in crypto trading.

To conclude, Wunderbit Trading offers remarkably helpful and convenient features, is very simple to get into for both expert and novice traders alike, and does not require you to pay for the use of its services, putting it up there along with the best online stock trading platforms on the market.

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