How to write a resume according to all the rules?

Getting an interesting, well-paid job today is a consequence of a carefully thought-out resume. It is necessary to be creative and to specify all the skills and achievements in order to convince the employer of the specific advantages of choosing your candidacy.

The structure of a good resume for a job

There is no certain standard for filling out a document, but many recruiters are more comfortable to perceive the standard form, which contains the following information about the applicant:

  • Title of the document – resume and indicate the full name of the person looking for a job.
  • Purpose – the wording of the position of interest. Example: applying for the position of a lawyer.
  • All the information about the individual – date of birth, residential address, contact phone numbers, e-mail, marital status.
  • Educational background of the job applicant. In this section you should list all the educational institutions in the order of their graduation and specify the specialty obtained.
  • The next section – professional experience. The applicant lists all the jobs, starting with the last one. In addition to the name of the employer and the duration of the employment contract, you must specify the position held, if desired – briefly describe the range of responsibilities.
  • Key achievements – a section of the resume, which all employers are looking particularly closely. The terms used by specialists of this or that profession are important: increased sales, reduced costs, developed new technology and successfully implemented it, etc. Do not write that you participated in such a project or worked on increasing profitability – such information is not specific.
  • Section with additional information about the applicant for the vacancy. Here a person indicates his skills and knowledge, allowing him to successfully realize himself in his chosen profession. The most common: confident PC skills, experience in specialized programs, knowledge of one or more foreign languages, driving license, etc.
  • The final section of the resume is a listing of personal qualities of the candidate for the vacant position. For example, an accountant can have traits like punctuality, responsibility, focus, analytical skills, etc. Designers can include creativity, sense of style, multitasking, etc.

Resume writing service

Today, curriculum vitae writing service is becoming more and more popular. A resume writing service is a professional resume writing service that specializes in preparing resumes for its clients. Most resume writing services work from a virtual office. Many people turn to a resume writing service when their current resume doesn’t get them an interview or job offer.

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