smart ways to make money online

In order to fix the finances of your household, you need to do two simple things. First, you need to reduce your spending and second, you need to increase your income. Still, what happens when your boss refuses to give you an adequate raise? Well, you find a way to make some more money on your own. Once your day at work is over, head back home, turn on your computer and start making some extra money online! Here are ten options for you to consider.

1.      Sell the stuff you don’t need on eBay

The first thing you need to do is rummage through your closet, your basement, and your attic in order to see if there are some items there that you no longer need. Of course, clothing items, furniture, and similar useful items are always popular but, there are some people who are willing to buy things as absurd as toilet paper rolls and empty perfume bottles. In other words, it’s a payday for all the hoarders out there.

2.      Write guest posts

Another thing you could do is try to put some of your writing skills to use and write a guest post or two. Think about it – you might already be an avid reader of a certain blog or blogs, so why not enrich this niche with your own experience or knowledge and get paid to do so along the way. This is also the beginner-friendly option, seeing as how you’re under no pressure to write a huge quantity of content as you would be if you were running your own blog (which is something we’ll discuss later on).

3.      Self-publish your novel

The next course of action worth considering is self-publishing a novel on Amazon. With Kindle Direct Publishing option available, this is easier than ever. Moreover, some additional software like Canva allows you to effortlessly create a cover for your novel, uploading it in an instant. Here, you’ll have a gallery of free stock images, while all the premium ones cost $1 for a single use (which is basically all you need).

4.      Become a virtual assistant

One of the best ways to make an entry into the world of business is to become a virtual assistant. Here, you can get familiar with most of the essential corporate practices and business organization platforms like SAP business one, which can be of use to you later on, once you decide to start your own business. Furthermore, you get to create your own set of contacts, which is a massive bonus on its own.

5.      Do online surveys

For a smaller momentary boost to your finances, you can always do some surveys online. Sure, this might not be reliable as the main source of income, yet, it can provide you with as much as several hundred dollars every single month. Alongside your main income, this is more than enough to make a difference in your budget.

6.      Enter data

People who have to focus hard at work probably want to do something simpler once they get home. This is why data entry is so great. Moreover, it has an incredibly beginner friendly learning curve and it doesn’t require any previous experience.

7.      Rent out a room for the night

Platforms like Airbnb allow you to rent out your room for the night and in this way give your finances a slight boost. This is ideal for those who are just looking for a way to make some extra cash, yet are reluctant towards the idea of getting a permanent tenant. Either way, depending on the frequency at which you find these one-time tenants, this practice can contribute as much as several thousand each year.

8.      Tutor people online

If you have a skill or at least a native language that’s in high demand, you could try holding lessons online. Freelance websites are filled with such offers, yet, those who don’t find this to be secure enough always have an option of seeking employment in an agency and simply hold a class or two without worrying about finding clients.

9.      Become an online juror

Some websites allow you to become a part of an online mock jury. The profit you stand to make this way isn’t that great, yet it’s a fun experience, and the task doesn’t consume too much of your time. All you have to do is belong to a certain demographic (to fit the profile of the jury) and pay close attention to the case.

10. Start your own blog

Finally, why write for someone else when you can start your own blog? Well, people in the blogosphere and those familiar with just how much effort running your own blog demands already know the answer to this question. Nevertheless, those who pull this off might look at some sizeable profits coming their way fairly soon.


Each of these ways has its own perks (money-, effort- and time-wise) and downsides (also money-, effort- and time-wise), so, you need to find the method that suits your skills, character, and expectations the best. Seeing as how we offered a great diversity on this list, finding something that meets these criteria shouldn’t be that much of a problem.


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