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We all do shopping online and almost 98% of us must have bought something from Amazon. We also have used many promo codes to get discounts on our items. But what if I tell you that you can get products completely free or discounts from 50% to 99%. Yes, that is true there are tons of websites who offer free and discounted products for many brands in exchange for an honest review. Getting free stuff online is one of the best ways to save money. If you want you can also go for product testing to receive the expensive item like cell phone and Macbook.

What is Snagshout?

You all must be aware of Amazon review sites which offer free and discounted products to their customers in order to leave an honest review. Snagshout is one of those renowned company where we can get free and discounted products. These reviews help sellers to improve their visibility and credibility over the internet which eventually leads to more sales. So benefit goes both hand seller gets more sales and shopper gets free and discounted products. And the publisher gets a part of a commission for offering their platform. It will be really difficult for a seller to approach shoppers door to door and get the feedback. A site like Snagshout helps them to reach the buyer with almost no efforts.

Why reviews are important for a seller

  1. It gives the credibility that buyer is dealing in a genuine product
  2. It also tells that the seller  is maintaining high-quality standards of the product
  3. More and better reviews mean more trust on the seller and their products. Because we all see reviews before buying the products.
  4. It can easily boost the sales of the seller.
  5. Through reviews, we can relate the product with its actual benefits. As people share feedback like what is working and what is missing in the product.
  6. Even the negative reviews also help the seller to produce a better product for their customer. On basis of the feedback, they redesign or do alteration in their products


Legit or Scam?

When I first heard about Snagshout from my friends I decided that I will personally go and check this website before sharing this to my readers. And i reviewed that site almost a month and we ordered a couple of discounted health products and Mobile accessories and we found those at a very cheap rate as compared to the prevailing price in the market. Now I can say this site is completely legit and provide discounted and free products to the shoppers in exchange for an Honest review.

How does Snagshout work?

1. Create account on Snagshout

The first thing you need to do is to create an account with Snagshout. You can signup with Facebook or can create a new account. After email confirmation, you need to link your Amazon account with them so that you can share your reviews.

2.  Explore Deals

Once your account is verified and linked with Amazon the next step is to explore the deals and item. You can sort the deals with minimum and maximum price or by category. 70% to 80% discounted items are very common here and considered good deals to buy.

3. Snag the product

After choosing the item click on the product and click on “snag it” Button. Now your item is selected and you will receive your promo code.

4. Apply Promo Code

Now you need to apply this promo code so that you can get the discounted or free item which ever scheme is applied on the product. Now if you are Amazon prime member with free two-day shipping there will be no charge else shipping fee would be an additional charge.

5. Leave an Honest Review

After receiving the product you can use and then leave the review on Amazon website. Just because you got the huge discount or free product there is no compulsion of giving great reviews about the product. Company request for a genuine review if you feel the product is not good you can share that feedback as well.



Snagshout is a renowned Amazon review site which is completely legit and safe for shoppers. Here you can get the discount from 20% to 100% on various items including health, beauty, electronic and household products. If you buy products frequently from Amazon check Snagshout once before placing an order you might find the better deal here. So if you are frugal shopper or freebies hunter you would definitely love this website. I always cross check my products here before checking to Amazon.

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