If you are a regular customer of talktosonic then you wouldn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. Now you can grab free drinks such as Route 44 Iced tea and fountain. All you need to do is to take their survey. And these are done to ensure that customers are getting better product and services. So here you are not only getting free drinks but also getting a chance to tell the company what are things which are best and where they need to improve.

But before you participate in the survey must check their policy and guidelines. And their eligibility criteria because you can’ t take survey until you are eligible for it.

Survey prizes

You can get any of these but after completing the survey. The free coupon code is valid for 60 days from it’s date of generation. So you can redeem anytime between your validity

  1. Route 44 Iced tea
  2. Fountain drink

And there is no limitation of participating the survey. So you can participate whenever you visit and can enjoy your additional drinks with your purchase.

Eligibility and Rules of Survey

  1. In order to participate in the survey. You must have a recent receipt from the sonic store.
  2. Should be the resident of united states
  3.  And the receipt is valid only 14 days from it’s purchased
  4.  Your age should not be less than 18 years
  5. And the coupon you would receive after the completion of the survey is valid only for 60 days.
  6. You must be aware of either Spanish or English there is no other language available for the survey.
  7. The coupon won’t be given until the complete survey is attempted.

How to participate in the talktosonic survey

  1. Visit their official website
  2.  Now on the front page you will find the option to enter the code. In put your survey code here.
  3.  And if you don’t know the Spanish then this would be your second step because you first need to select the language.
  4. Now answer all questions.
  5. After the completion of survey you will find your free code coupon.


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