The 10 Best Bitcoin Mining Software Tools of 2019

Bitcoin is a buzzing word in the world of digital marketing currently. You must have heard about it even though you are not extremely in touch with the realm of technology. Bitcoin is the first-ever and most popular cryptocurrency in the world and it has taken the world by storm. Despite having a very high exchange rate, this decentralized digital currency appears to be digging in for the long haul. So, what’s the process of getting Bitcoin? Either by purchasing or by mining. If you are thinking of mining cryptocurrency, you will need to make use of dedicated hardware and a software application to process the power and manage the rigs. Don’t know what are the best bitcoin mining software tools to use in 2019? No worries. Today we are going to demonstrate on that topic exactly. Let’s get started on mining today. 

  1. CG Miner

CGMiner is an old mining software yet it’s going solid to date. It’s undoubtedly the best bitcoin miner along with active community support and plenty of features.
Being written in C, you can use this cross-platform bitcoin miner on your Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and many other devices. This software is perfect with both ASIC and FPGA hardware. Remote interface capabilities, full monitoring, and fan speed control make this software a command-line application. Without any system delays, CGMiner can scale to hash rate of any size as it comes with an adaptable network scheduler. There will be no stale work submission on new blocks with this software as it prevents them. Besides, it supports numerous pools with intelligent failover components. In fact, it comes with a menu for fly-on-the-fly management that manages most of the settings and self-detection of the latest blocks with a small database for failing/slow long poll scenarios. Submission can likewise be stored during transient system blackouts. CGMiner is perfect for a variety of ASIC mining hardware such as BlackArrow, Hexfury, Cointerra, Minion, etc. 

  • Multi miner

In case you’re totally new to the entire idea of cryptographic money, beginning with mining your very own Bitcoin can be a bit overwhelming. The problem is, most of the mining services are command-line based and they are not very helpful. But, MiltiMiner is the solution to those problems. Being stuffed with tons of features, MultiMiner has assumed the easiest-to-use bitcoin mining software. You can easily utilize this software on your Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux devices along with mining hardware such as FPGA,  or ASIC and by switching different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, without any hassle. It utilizes the hidden mining motor to identify accessible mining equipment and gives you a chance to pick the coins you’d like to mine. MultiMiner has many propelled highlights, for example, programmed location of system gadgets, just as the capacity to remotely screen and control other MultiMiner rigs. You can easily use this software along with many mining devices such as Bitforce/BFL, Hashbuster Micro, and Block Eruper.

  • BFGMiner
    On the off chance that you feel weak at the knees over tinkering and are searching for an adaptable Bitcoin mining programming, reach out to BFGMiner. Being written in C, this software is compatible with ASIC/FPGA devices that have remote interface capabilities, dynamic clocking, and monitoring. There are a gateway proxy server and a built-in stratum in this software. The services are not thwarted in this software as its densely threaded code hands out work submission and work retrieval. It supports ‘getblocktemplate’ mining convention and can start work before the finishing of existing work. There is a watchdog threat that restarts idle threads without crashing the system to if they are unable to respond. There are plenty of drivers of Bitcoin in BFGMiner. They are Twinfury USB Stick Miner, Drillbit Thumb, and Eight, Ztex’s FPGA boards, etc. There are script device drivers such as ZeusMiners units, GAW War Machine, etc. 
  • BitMinter
    BitMinter has its own mining pool to deal with and it’s the main characteristic that makes this software stand out apart from other comparable software. Moreover, its pool is the oldest pool alive in the world. Being the best cross-platform bitcoin mining software, it’s compatible with Linux, MAC OS X, and Windows. You can easily understand the interface as it provides a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). All you need to do is sign up on the website to the mining pool, configure the hardware following the instructions, and BOOM! You’re ready to go. Your work will be recorded in shifts and don’t worry about the mining income because they pay 99% of the income to users.
  • Mini-server
    Mini-server is a cloud-based mining service, and it’s for those who are not yet ready to put resources into costly ASIC miners. It’s presumably the best cloud-based mining software out there. The payouts are distributed between all other participants in this software because when you get into a mining pool there exist the other users. With a price of only $0.14, there are a lot of packages in this service. Depending on your selected package, you will have a hashing power from 250GH/s to 600,000GH/s. There is validity for the packages to one year and you can have a look at your earnings by just logging into your account. In fact, you will get a bonus hash power if any of your friends sign up through Mini-Server on your reference. It provides the full share of profits to its user as it doesn’t charge you any additional maintenance fees.
  • EasyMiner
    EasyMiner is an open-source, graphical mining software with which you can deal with different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others as well. It’s compatible with ASIC, ccminer, cudaminer, cgminer software for Bitcoin, There is a dedicated “moneymaker” mode in this software with which you can mine LTC on its own stratum pool. In fact, you can choose a pool on your own by utilizing the “solo” mode. It provides an extra part of security by utilizing Network Hardware ID Layer (NHIL) for wallet architecture and pool stratum. But, the thing is, you can only use EasyMiner on Windows.
  • Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is best for managing multiple mining rigs with different types of hardware such as FPGA or ASIC. This software has a lot of powerful centralized features in order to manage to mine. You can work with more than 25 mining engines with this software, for instance, bfgminer, srbminer, cgminer, xmrig, sgminer, and so on. It can synchronize with famous mining algorithms like X11, Scrypt, SHA-256, Zcash, and Etherum. In a single procedure, you can manage, switch and add pools for various miners. Awesome Miner’s thorough dashboard gives you a chance to screen the temperature and status of all FPGA and ASIC gadgets from one spot. Moreover, you can use its C# script engine to create customized actions and triggers. You can go through the program to set special API access and design default pools for many Bitmain Antminer ASICs in a solitary activity.

  • CCMiner
    CCMiner is one of the best NVIDIA GPU mining software. CCMiner has been in dynamic advancement for around 6 years presently, previously known as cudaminer, the product has been confided in the bitcoin digging industry for a long while now. It is additionally astounding how the product has effectively held up and sometimes it’s the quickest excavator for some specific coins that you can mine. The interesting this is the way that it can mine pretty much every kind of digital currency mining calculation. It is fundamentally a one-stop miner for anybody that owns an NVIDIA GPU since it likewise underpins Linux and Windows working frameworks.
  • GUIMiner
    A graphical frontend bitcoin miner which provides an easy interface to its users. It supports CPU mining, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. There are a variety of mining pools in the software, you can choose from them.
  1. Poclbm-mod
    This software is an open-source Python miner which utilizes OpenCL (AMD) platforms. It makes use of network protocol in order to mine cryptocurrencies. It surprisingly comes with CLI and GUI building, which allows you to use your preferred version. You can use this software with your Linux and Windows devices. 

All things considered, that is the manual for the top bits of Bitcoin mining programming accessible today. I trust you took something from it. At last, the best bit of mining programming for you will rely upon your individual conditions. This will incorporate which equipment you’re utilizing, which working framework you intend to utilize the product with, and your degree of skill with regards to computers. Get a software that meets all of your mining needs. That’s it. 

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