Top 7 Cryptocurrency Platforms to Choose in 2020

Cryptocurrency is the biggest buzz in today’s world, and it is one of the easiest ways to make money within a short span. You can find numerous platforms that enable you to do cryptocurrency trading. But, you can’t trust all platforms. So, to help you find the best cryptocurrency exchange platform, we are providing you the best list:


While considering exchange platforms of cryptocurrency, you can’t forget to mention Bitfinex. This platform offers you a progressive list that helps you find the most interested sellers as well as buyers for the financial instruments. There are eight variants of different scenarios on this platform, and these characteristics set this platform apart. The best part about this platform is that to be an authorized trader here you need to have just your smartphone. 


This platform is one of the largest growing platforms in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Poloniex has grown it’s traffic and user base almost twice within a few years of its inception. The platform is known for providing the highest exchange volume for altcoins. The best part about this platform is that it enables you to trade any cryptocurrency you want through this portal. In addition to this, the lower trading-fee is another big advantage of this rapidly growing platform.

Bitcoin Superstar

It is said that the bitcoin era and the bitcoin superstar are the two faces of the same coin. Thus, you must have got an idea about the popularity of Bitcoin superstar. 

This platform is called the number one website, if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, especially in bitcoins. The most liked feature of this platform is that it offers you a demo walk, that you can use to know about different modes of trading and to get detailed knowledge about different trading terms. 


Millions of customers have reviewed this platform, and they have given a superb rating to this platform. Thus, this can be one of the most trusted and reliable platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you want to make payment for for buying or selling bitcoins via MasterCard or visa, then CEX.IO can be the most suited platform for you. The platform comes up with unique security protocols. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the security of your bitcoins. This platform also protects the traders from the negative impact of low balance, and it can even boost the trading performance ten times. 


Today, Coinbase is considered as the finest crypto trading platform, amongst others. It is also regarded as the biggest crypto trading platforms in Asia. The platform is mostly known for offering the best liquidity and safety of the cryptocurrency. The best characteristic of Coinbase is that it is very simple and manageable. Even a beginner can be comfortable in trading through this portal. You can make payment through popular modes like Visa card and Mastercard on this platform and also use a credit card as a reserve option. 


If you don’t want to reveal anything about you on the internet, Changelly can be the best trading platform for you. All you need to do is to use your email to exchange your digital assets on this platform. Thus, for all beginner investors, who don’t want to reveal their identity, before they achieve huge amounts in cryptocurrency, this platform can be quite useful. You don’t need to submit any government id or certificate to start trading on this platform. For all investors out there, this platform will give you a seamless and best experience while trading in cryptocurrency.


This trading platform from Canada is famous for being the most accessible platform as it allows fast processing. The number of marketers and investors on this platform is soaring high, and you can witness the reputation of the platform through the number of investors and their positive testimonials. The platform offers direct customer services, and you will have easy account activation by the executives. 

Within a few years, the cryptocurrency will replace the traditional currency, and you will repent if you haven’t traded in cryptocurrency. Thus, it’s high time to start your journey with any of these platforms mentioned above. Choose any of these platforms, and you will not repent your cryptocurrency trading journey!

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