Participate in walgreenslistens survey sweepstakes and win $3000 cash prize



Walgreen is the second largest pharmacy store in united states after CVS health. It deals in health & wellness product and has 8,175 stores in across USA.  It was founded in 1901 and it’s headquarter is located in Deerfield Illinois.

Recently the company has opened a survey name walgreenslistens for their customers where they are collecting their feedback related to goods and services. And in exchange of that, they allow you to enter their sweepstakes. All you need to do is to participate in the survey and answers a few questions. And the winner will get $3000 cash prize


Rules & Eligibility criteria of Walgreenslistens

  1. The participant should be the legal resident of the United States
  2. Age should be 18 years or above
  3. The resident of Puerto Rico can not participate in this survey
  4. If you and any of your family member is the employee of Walgreens and living in the same household are not eligible.
  5. Invitation receipt is valid only 72 hours after it’s generating.


Survey Prize

The grand prize winner will receive $3000 which he will receive in the form of a check.


How to enter the walgreenslistens sweepstakes?

There are four ways through which you can participate in the survey

1. Via online

  1. Visit their official website if you are Walgreen customers and if you are Duane Reade then you can visit
  2. Now you will option of survey number, password and time of visit. These all information are available on your receipt.
  3.  After that, you have to answer all the questions which are mostly related to the Walgreens services.
  4.  Once you are through with your questions at the end you will enter into the sweepstakes.

2. Via Telephone

Walgreen customers can dial 1-800-219-7451 and follow the instruction. Once you complete the survey you will enter into the sweepstakes.

Whereas Duane Reade customer can dial 1-888-424-1018

3. Via Mail

  1. Take a piece of paper size 3*5 inches
  2. And write your name, age, complete address, phone number, and email ID
  3. Mail this to in an envelope to

Customer satisfaction sweepstakes

Dept-S7608 P.o Box 4006

Grand Rapids, MN 55730-40063

4. Via E-mail

Those customers who agreed to receive email messages from Walgreens might receive the survey in their inbox. If not you can try any of the above options.

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