USPS Address change

Moving may turn out to be a daunting job. If one has limited time in hand and wants to avoid standing in the queue in the post office for filing the form of USPS Change of Address, then doing it online will be a smart choice as it will help one in saving their fuel and valuable time. These online sites will offer the finest resources for making a move highly seamless. The experts online will submit one’s form of USPS address change on their behalf, offer expert guidance about moving related services and more.

Benefits Galore

Here are some of the best benefits of choosing USPS change of address online,

  • Secure and fast filing of USPS address change than the post office
  • USPS address changes that too unlimited times within 3 months of submission
  • One can save both fuel and time by filing this online
  • It will also cover one’s family address absolutely free
  • Prompt email support
  • Cutting edge moving services accessible through the site
  • A step by step detailed online movers guide for free
  • Add-ons for one’s new home accessible from the site (home security, phone, internet, TV)
  • Proper assistance for DMV and IRS accessible
  • Customer support round the clock
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days

The online platform has revolutionized the manner in which people think regarding moving. During the stress of both packing as well as transporting things to another new place, visiting a post office and standing in the queue for changing the address is merely an aggravation. So going online, filling the form and submitting it with a click of a button is the way to go. The confirmation will be sent through email. Allow the online experts to take care of this and see how the address request made is delivered in the right address.

Tips to Avoid Falling Prey to Scams

Owing to it’s premier online search credible and positioning, authoritative appearances, the fraudulent websites offering change of address can be tricky to detect. But not anymore, yes you heard that right. Below are some tried and tested tips that every mover can follow for differentiating such disingenuous scam sites from the real and genuine websites.

  • Ensure that the Site URL has– The official sites of USPS change of address will have “” in the URL. If this is missing then simply navigate away.


  • Check for Surplus Charges- Generally, the US Postal Service will charge just $1.05 to file for a change of address online. It is generally for identity verification as well as fraud protection. Should the site charge more than this amount, this is definitely not the right site. See the legal disclaimers because here sites disclose their service charges.


  • Check for Recurring Charges- The abovementioned charge is a one-time fee. Any website which continues in billing the charges on a monthly basis definitely is not USPS affiliated.

Are you still thinking? Go online and to keep away from fraudulent activities consider the pointers mentioned above. All the Best, get going.

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