Why Personal Accident Insurance is a must?

Just as you protect your finances, it is as important to get a good hold on your health protection concerns as well. Fortunately, the many uncertainties of life can be well-handled by a plethora of health insurance plans with different coverage options and cover periods. Personal accident health insurance is one such plan that aims at providing comprehensive coverage in the event of bodily injuries, death, or total/partial disability of the person insured because of any accident attributed to external factors. In what follows below, you will get to know about some important facets of a personal accident insurance policy and why it is a must in modern times.

What Does a Personal Accident Policy Cover?

Personal accident policies provide cover for air, road, or railway accidents, burns or damages suffered through collisions, damages caused by drowning, etc. Providing worldwide insurance coverage at all times, such plans also aid the protection of legal/funeral fees along with aiding children’s education, etc.

Premium for a Personal Accident Policy

The premium amount for personal accident policies depend on the occupation of coverage buyers rather than their age. For instance, if your occupation requires extensive and frequent commuting or travelling by air, railway, or road, then you will have to pay a higher premium amount than those who don’t.

Why Is It a Must to Purchase Personal Accident Insurance Plans?

Regardless of the above-mentioned factor for the determination of premiums for a personal accident plan, it is a good idea to purchase one without fail, irrespective of your health or age. The reason behind is that the life insurance policy chosen by you may be providing death cover only. More so, it may provide illness cover for only those ailments that are provided for in the policy document. The illnesses and deaths caused due to rail, road or air accident may not fall under the umbrella of protection provided by medical or life insurance policies. Given this scenario, it becomes extremely important to buy a personal accident policy at the earliest!

Primary Benefit of Getting Personal Accident Coverage?

Accidents do not come with any prior warning but can leave you disabled, either completely or partially. Along with impairing your earning potential, an accident may leave you bedridden for a long time. A well-planned personal accident cover plan provides for home nursing, domiciliary treatment, and physiotherapy sessions.

The main purpose of buying a health insurance​ policy should be related to getting financial support for medical expenses towards drugs, treatment, hospital bills, and more. Along with the provision of basic death/permanent disability coverage, a personal accident insurance plan usually offers extra protection for temporary and/or partial disability, death, etc. because of an accident.

Way Forward

The best personal accident plan would provide a spate of benefits and additional coverage at the most affordable costs. Gear up to invest in the plan to gain the many benefits you seek. Do so after considering your profession, health, age, budge, and all other metrics of purchase. You will not be disappointed!

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