Zabasearch ! A Free tool to find people database online


Zabasearch is a directory search engine which provides services like people search, reverse phone number & Address lookup and some other vital information of an individual person. You can use this tool to find someone online or to validate an existing information without paying any charge. You might be thinking that they are invading the privacy but that’s not true because all the information which is available is pulled through public sources.

Public search database websites have been around for a long time the only thing is changing is that they are providing more better and accurate information. But still all the information available might not be accurate all the time because they pull the information from the public feed which may or may not be up to date.

How to search an individual database on Zabasearch?

Searching someone database is very easy all you need to do is to enter the details like first name, last name, city, and state. And it will bring following information.

  1. Phone Number
  2. Address
  3. Zip Code
  4. Property Information
  5. Year of birth
Note:- Zabasearch provides the data only for the United States.

What are the sources of their information?

You all must be thinking how they are getting someone’s personal information without their approval. Do they breach any law in order to get the information? absolutely not and they don’t maintain any database. They pull all the data from public record which anyone can access. It includes Social media profiles, white pages, voter registration, Civil & Criminal record, a deed of trust of home purchasing, and research & Marketing firms.

In any way, they are not breaching any laws and not providing any sensitive & deep level information. They are only providing data which is already available and shared by you.

Most common ways through which you make your data public

  1. The primary and the best source of public data is a phone company. The moment you share your details with a phone company it becomes public. It is a primary source of information for any public search database website.
  2. Any purchase or sale of a property transaction will lead to a public record of that transaction. Where we share details like Name, DOB, Contact number and address
  3. Voter Registration records are also public an information.
  4. Sharing details for any sweepstakes, surveys, and filling out forms for marketing and research company can result in your information will be made publicly available.

So these are the common ways through which most of the companies pull the data. We are not even aware that we are making our data public. Every personal information we share on the internet is actually used for the commercial purpose. And most of the company also write this in their disclaimer. Any signup that we make on any website is actually a part of data capturing.

Nowadays it is really difficult to make all of your data private. It is only possible if you stop using internet which I think is impossible. So to a certain level, some data will always be public. But if still, you don’t want anyone to search your data then you can specifically block your details from the website.

How to block information from being seen on Zabasearch?

If you think that information shared by Zabasearch is invading your privacy you can simply block your details being searched.It works like a search engine which means they don’t maintain any database. Neither they can delete or change the information which is available.

In order to Opt-out Zabasearch, you need to fax the ID Proof which can be your state-issued ID or driving license. And they take around 6 weeks time to process your request. After that, no one can search your details on Zabasearch. For more details, you can visit their website and check details about how to block record?


How accurate is the information on Zabasearch?

As we already discussed Zabasearch does not maintain any database. So neither you can update or delete the information which is already available. It only pulls the data which is already available on the internet. As far as accuracy is concerned it rely on your data that you shared with the third party.

If you are finding incorrect information in Zabasearch it simply means you need to update your records.

Is Zebasearch chargeable?

Most of the information you can search completely free but some of the intensive details like to conduct a background or criminal records you need to signup with their premium service which is chargeable.

In $20 you can get a complete background check of any individual. But most of the vital information is already available at free of cost.



Zabasearch is search engine directory which allows you to find data of an individual they offer both paid and free services. Most of the information you can find completely free which include name, address, DOB and phone number. You can use Zabasearch to validate an existing information or can find a new one.

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