How Can You Make Resin-Based Colourful Crafts and Jewellery at Home?

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There is a creative genius in almost every mommy. It’s not a mandate that to show off the creative side everyone must open a boutique, arrange exhibitions of jewelry and dresses, open parlors, etc. Creativity basically reflects on all kinds of home activities you do. Creativity shows in cooking when you mix and match things to bring out the best cook in you, not because you have to win the cookery challenge show but to win the hearts of the kids and family. And similarly, you show creativity in all other aspects of the household management, starting from organizing clothes to home décor, home wall paint selection to wallpaper preference, and placement of furniture to using the right lighting at home. Therefore, you are already a creative person as long as you are investing your time and thoughts in making things look good, feel good, and give goodness.

How about utilizing this especially mommy creative side of yours in some productive art and craft DIY designing, jewelry building, keychain making, and more such things? You should try this by learning about resin based art and craft making, using paints and color pigments, etc. This has a few beautiful sides. While you invest your time, effort, and creativity in making nice things, your extra time gets consumed. You can rediscover your art-loving side, play with colors and shapes, and also make a good living out of it.

Good utilization of time

DIY art and crafts are a good utilization of time. If you buy pigments and paste for art and craft, and start working on them, you may playfully make a lot of things, and may never mind giving in the time to make something nice or experiment with things. Time management is a big problem for busy moms. But then again, when kids grow old, and you feel much sorted in life, and have little responsibilities to take, then you can devote that time to your own life which you never thought of as the young struggling and running busy mother.

But since now you have the time, you can invest in nice craft making. Abundant supplies of gums, pigments, colors, pastes, amber, cement, and beads, etc. are available from craft related shops. And purchasing such items online is no pain at all. Hence, name an item, and you can get it delivered straight at home. And then you may start experimenting and trying various types of things with those.

Rediscover your creative side

Remember how you used to love playing with colors as the kid. You drew many things and colored them with all the colors you have in the box. Or perhaps tried weird color combinations at places, or maybe you were always praised for being perfectly colorful and using the right amount of pigments and shades in your paintings. Don’t you think you can do better when you are given a much wider perspective to work on? Here, instead of that conventional drawing book and paper, you can use pigments, pastes, coloring cement, shaping and drilling tools, glitters, amber, and many more things to make special items.

Many moms love making jewelry at home. Pendants, earrings, finger rings, etc. are common and very nice items for gifting, selling, and also making for your own use. You can be what you want, design and style and color of jewelry with whatever opacity or transparency you like in it. And that is where you enjoy the creative freedom.

Did you ever consider making a living from crafting?

This is something interesting which you may love. If you could earn a living, or just make this a side income, as you take an interest in making inexpensive and yet very artistic items in art and craft, jewelry, etc., then it would be nice. Normally in the field of art and costume jewelry making, people pay not for the material, but for two things. One is a unique style and finish, and the next is durability. If you can make exclusive design jewelry by using craft pastes and pigments, then you can really get a lot of attention for your product range.

It’s not always about earning a living but about a small home-based business or a startup, where you are engaged in something productive and creative, and also make money for the time and effort, and thinking you put behind it. Hence you can invest in making showpieces, table crafts, wall hangings, gift items, jewelry, and many more using craft making colors, pastes, cement, pigments, etc.

Where to start?

Whether you are interested in making craft items for home décor or are interested in making costume jewelry for your own use, or just want to make simple and sober gift items, or want to try and sell your creative production, or just want to play with time and your thoughts; you really have a whole new world in front of you in the form of art and craft online shops. Reputed online shops, selling high-quality, durable craft making items and colors are of really good use in nurturing the creative mom in you.

To start with, you may order some pastes and colors, and try a few things by watching simple beginners DIY craft and jewelry making videos. There are plenty of helpful videos and tutorials available online for enthusiastic DIY loving mommies like you. Once you watch and parallelly try a few, you may soon become an experimenting craft maker.


Utilizing time, selling products, carving your own business, playing with colors and shapes, all are good reasons to start something creative, especially when you don’t invest a fortune in buying the craft items. Simple craft and art making things are available at affordable rates for the common man, and moms can very well invest a little in them to try something beautiful, and make their excess time productive.

Nurturing your creative side should come with some returns. Let the family and friends praise the return, or let it bring some money for you through product sales.

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