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Are you fed up with currently available free streaming sites because of the less updated content? Then it is time to try something new. However, we have already shared some more freebies related to entertainment like the best websites to watch free movies online, Project free Tv and best app for streaming free movies.

Are you a person who is irritated with the websites that provide movie watching experience for free? There are many reasons why people feel like that, it may be because of the less updated content and sometimes because of the buffering. So, now it is probably time for you to try out a new website. and we are providing you with this article that has all the things related to a new website that is Putlocker. And you might sometimes worry about the copyrights issues as well as the virus attacks if you use these sites. So, we have brought you this article that has all the information things about Putlocker.


Is Putlocker legit and safe?

There might be no direct answer for such type of questions but if you want to get it then you must be contacting the 3rd party as the things that are hosted in the website are done by these people. So, if it is a legal issue then better ask them. There are many people who try contacting them but we and you know they will be hiding in a place where we could never trace out them. But one of the ways you get into the safe side is by:

You could really stop using the VPN while you watch movies on these websites. And this will add you to the safer list. And if you watch movies from VPN you could someday get a notice from the ISP provider. And especially when watching at the Putlocker website you should be more careful because they have no mechanism with them to remove and vanish the copyright content.

So, as told at the beginning there is no perfect answer to this question. The copyrights problem described here may not be present in each and every content but may be hidden some of them. If you don’t have any antivirus protection then better stay away from watching movies on these websites. Because there is a problem of getting a virus into your computers. So, overall we would like to say that you need to be completely protected from all sides to watch movies in this way. If you are not, then better stay away from them

Some of the Important Key features of Putlocker?

  1. The site uses the third party of content which increases the chances to provide new releases.
  2. Despite the content is illegal you can still watch the movie legally because here no one can prove whether it is legal or illegal.
  3. The website has tons of free movies which you can browse through genres, year of release, most watched,  and alphabetically.
  4. You can also forward request for any movie which is not available on the website.
  5. Not only free movies but it also offers a great collection of TV series.
  6. Quality of videos are high and site navigation is also smooth.

Challenge that you may face while using Putlocker

    1. Don’t you sometimes get irritated with the adds that come in between and if you click anywhere then it will take you to a different website. and this may be really very disturbing when you are watching a movie online. but this is a trick placed by the owner of the website to let you see the add.
    2. As the uploads and stuff have no count as well as limit there may be a copyrights issue with you. so, before watching a movie online make sure you are protected from all sides.
    3. When you are irritated by the adds you must never lose control and click on any of the add. Because there may be a condition of malware or some virus entering your computer and also damaging it. So, be careful not to click on anything. And better don’t watch movies on insecure platforms.
    4. As all of them are behind an excuse this has no meaning that they are all legal. You should never believe such kind of websites. And also try to be as cautious as you can before you get to watch a movie in any kind of website.

    Some best Things about Putlocker

    • The third party on the other hand could be a key plus to getting new movies into the website.
    • There may be illegal issues but despite it, you can watch movies here because it is really impossible to know if it is legal or illegal.
    • And the website has new movies always going on that you can watch under categories, year of release, most watched etc. this will help save a lot of money too.
    • You also have a chance of asking people for new movies that are still not been uploaded on the website.
    • The website has a very nice quality for an even better movie watching experience.


Putlocker is a great website which offers free movies and TV series. But at the same time, it comes with lots of risk like copyright issue and virus which can put your computer at risk. It can definitely save money your money by cutting down your cable TV. But you need to make sure these platforms are neither fully legal nor completely illegal. So we would recommend using VPN while using such website.

Disclaimer:- Moneymakingway does not recommend people to watch a movie on Putlocker platform. However, we sharing the facts and data based on internet. It is the review that we are sharing with our readers after analysing their website.

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