10 Best Torrent Sites to download Free Movies and Tv shows

Torrent Sites

What will you do when you want to probably download stuff? Yes, the main as well as the first thing you will be doing is going in to a torrent site and download the newest movie, game or anything you are interested in. but as you are a perfect person you will also need a perfect torrent site to download things you want. So, we are back with another article that will be showing you not 5, not 8 but 10 most awesome torrent sites in here.

Although we have previously discussed many other sources of free movies such as 30 best websites to watch free movies online, putlocker, Ovguide, free redbox codes and project free TV. But on this platform where you can download varieties of stuff including movies, music, software and much more. You would find fresh and updated content on torrent and now it is a favorite sport for movie lovers. Here we are going to share top 10 torrents which is quiet popular among the audience.

Note:- Torrent sites can have many copyrighted illegal material as it is a Peer to Peer transfer and website can not control this. So sheknowsfinance is not responsible for any legal conflict. Use the torrent sites as per your discretion. 


Following are the best Torrent Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

We are starting up our game with this old as well as the best torrent site to download stuff. After the kickass torrent website that was disappeared over night this website has got many followers. As support to the feedback of users 99% of the time you spend on searching the best torrent site private bay will come there at your rescue.

2. Extratorrent

There is another amazing website that will provide you a facility to download movies, games, TV series you name them. Yes, every thing has a defect in it this site also has some. Will be coming across many adds, but remember not to click them because this may result in the damage of your computer by a virus getting inside. This site is not much safe for your computer and also your kids because there is some adult going on in the middle.


This is one of the sites that got clicked in a little time because the time when it came in to existence was in 2008 and it entered in to the top ten list in just 2015. And this is probably because of the quality.

4. 1337x

This is one another site that is a bit old and also a very renowned site too. This will also provide a lot of adds in between but this is the most common problem with all the sites. This has a good quality too that is because of the large number of users.

5. Torrent Downloads

The first look you take at this site will provide with the most recent torrents to download and also the ones which are released. This site is really very user-friendly and makes the job of the user easy by dividing the torrents they have in to categories, today and yesterday torrents. And this will surely give some help to you. this website is also adding up some amazing new categories in to their list that include books, animations and some other new categories. On the whole this is an awesome site.

6. YTS.ag

When you go in deep about this website you will be getting an answer that this seems as the old YTS site and another thing to note is that the logo is same. As every site has this site also has a good quality of videos and also many users because of a new thing every time available.

7. IsoHunt

This site is also a bit famous and has good number of categories that are movies, TV shows, music and other fun stuff. There is a section called adult movies so, this makes it dangerous for kids. But also has a good quality.

8. Torrentz2

This site is not like a completely fancy and every thing provider and another thing to note is this site does not have a category tab. This is like a search engine that will provide you the results from other torrent sites too.

9. Skytorrents

this is another site that don’t have any specific categories but you are probably allowed to search some content that you want from the search bar or else the top 1000. One plus point of this site is that this supports the search of terms in various languages.

10. Torrents.me

This site is the one that is a bit same as the torrentsz2 but not completely because this has some additional features added to it. In this place if you search for a torrent you will get results that are also from other torrents sites.


Torrent sites are the best and easiest way to download the free movies, games, music, software and much more. But torrent has its own limitation and issues like there can me many illegal contents which we are downloading without even noticing. These sites display many advertisements which could be a malware, virus or hacking bait which we are not aware. Some sites show adult add which is another issue for children who visit these websites to download games and movies.


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