What has Woke Bingo, and is It a Real Thing?

Bingo, as we know, has existed since the 1930s and has gone through many ups and downs. There are multiple genres and types of bingo games currently being played at online and offline bingo halls. These include the 30 Balls (Speed Bingo), 75 Balls, 80 Balls, and 90 Balls. Besides, every bingo room has varying rules to play no deposit casino games. This further classifies bingo into subcategories such as Postage Stamps, Vertical, Horizontal, Outside Corner, and many more.

However, there is a new category of bingo emerging from the outskirts of online bingo rooms, and it is known as the “Woke Bingo.” it’s a new genre of bingo and, frankly speaking, has nothing to do with the rules of the gameplay. Instead, Woke Bingo is more about how traditional players call out the numbers.

The Concept of Woke Bingo

If you have ever sat in a bingo hall during a bingo game, you would surely have heard the caller calling the drawn numbers with funny names. However, some of those calls don’t seem funny anymore and have become more insulting slang. For instance, “14 – Treat them Mean, Keep them Keen” or “81 – A Fat Lady With a Stick.” As you can understand that there’s nothing funny about being rude to your partner only to keep them keen and also about a lady walking with a stick. So, to change these controversial slangs, the concept of Woke Bingo was introduced. The term “Woke” refers to the players who have realized that the slangs they are using for fun might be hurting someone else.

Does Woke Bingo Make Sense?

Well, it depends on who you are asking. For some, these slangs are nothing more than a funny name associated with the bingo numbers and have nothing to do with the insults. While others believe these slangs need to be changed because they refer to things in an insulting way that is not appropriate at all.

Our stance on the situation is if changing makes a game more fun to play for everyone, then the changes must be made.

And yes, slangs like how Two Fat Ladies and Did You Score are indeed inappropriate.

What are The Woke Bingo Calls?

The site behind the changes is Foxy Bingo, which asked its users to pick 20 new bingo calls by voting for the best options suggested in the chat room. And these are the rhymes or slangs that got the most votes from the Millennials.

●     7 – Flexitarian: It’s a rhyme derived from the Flexitarian diet that encourages consumers to use more plant-based food items with the flexibility to eat meat products in moderation.

●     9 – Get an Uber for Mine: A rhyme referring to calling an uber after being tipsy at night.

●     14 – Netflix and Chill: It turns out not everyone was in favor of the previous “14 – The Valentines Day” call out, so the Millennials have now changed it to what they like to do on the 14th of February – Netflix and Chill.

●     25 – Quarter Life Crisis: Referring to the decision and motivation crisis faced by the youth today in their mid 20’s.

●     35 – It’s a Vibe: Changed from “Jump and Jive,” we now have the number 35 referred to as “It’s a Vibe,” referring to a famous Hip-Hop song released recently by 2 Chainz.

●     38 – Avocado on Plate: Once again promoting healthy eating habits, the Millennials have changed 38 the “Christmas Cake” to “Avocado on A Plate.”

●     48 – Not another Brexit: Brexit finally became a reality after 48 years as the UK parted its ways with the European Union.

●     49 – Amazon Prime:  Referring to 49 Lodge, a modern-day fable of an ex sufferer currently being streamed by Amazon Prime.

●     54 – Lads on Tour: Changed from Clean the Floor now we have “54 – Lads on Tour”.

●     48 – Late for My Tinder Date: Previously called “Pick a Mate,” it is now Late for my Tinder Date, a Millennials way of picking up a mate.

●     74: Recycle More: Refers to the current need to recycle more and throw less in the trash to save our beloved planet from becoming a trash pile.

●     78 – Haters Gonna Hate: Referring to the lyrics of the famous pop song “Shake It Out” released by Taylor Swift in 2014.

●     86 – Instagram Pics: Rhyme referring to posting pics on Instagram.

●     88 – Wills and Kate: Referring to Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s Royal marriage in 2011.

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